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Hampta Pass can be your soul’s escape from everything frustrating in life, as a trip here can work wonders for you and open a world of adventure, fear, happiness, and everything in between.

Situated in the Pir Panjal Range of the Himalayas, it is basically a small corridor between Chandra and Kullu Valley and is frequently used by the local villagers for herding their cattle as well as the tourists who come here for trekking. 

The etymology of this pass is taken from the Hamta Village situated nearby. On your visit here, you will simply fall in love with the wildflowers, waterfalls, hanging glaciers, pinewoods, and the endless sky. 

If you want to discover the rhythm of nature while being on an adventure of a lifetime then Hampta Pass is one of the best travel getaways you will ever experience in your life. The best time to plan a trip here is between the months of June and October. 

Hampta Pass Itinerary

To reach here, you will first need to travel to Manali, and then from there, you will need to travel to Jobri; the place from where the trek starts. It is to be noted beforehand that it might take you about 3-4 days for completing the trek depending on various factors.  

Day 1.  From Manali travel to Jobri and from there to Chikka. As the road ends at Jobri, you will need to cross a small river and start your trek. The trekking route will take you through a passage filled with pine, maple, and birch trees. The first day’s trek ends at Chikka. 

Day 2. From Chikka reach Balu ka Ghera. It may take you close to 5-6 hours to reach here. You will need to travel along the Hamta river to the Jwara meadows. There is even a shepherd’s hut as well as a tea shop here (in case you need refreshments). By the end of this day, you will be able to have clear views of the Hampta Pass. 

Day 3. You will need to travel to Shea Goru. Pulling off this feat may take you around 7-8 hours depending upon the weather conditions and after 3-5 hours of trekking, you will be at Hampta Pass. The campsite at Sheagoru is where you would call it a day.

Day 4. You will need to travel from Shea Goru to Chhatru where the trek ends.

Major Attractions in and Around Hampta Pass

1. Manali

Located amid the Dhauladhar ranges, Manali is one of the most famous hill stations in the country, blessed with the fascinating beauty of nature. Its jaw-dropping views, along with the meadows sweeping with thousands of flowers, is what this travel destination is all about.

2. Kullu

Located on the banks of the Beas River, Kullu is a popular tourist attraction in Himachal Pradesh. The natural beauty of this place is just very delightful to experience. Kullu’s majestic hills wearing the garb of dreamy snow gives you all the more reason to visit here frequently. 

3. Mandi

Situated in the lap of Himachal Pradesh, Mandi is a super-popular hill station’s historical charm and scenic beauty consist of natural landscapes and valleys, that give you all the more reasons to be here and breathe in all the happiness, pure air, and tranquillity.

How to Reach Hampta Pass

To reach Hampta Pass, you will first need to reach Manali which is located amid the Pir Panjal mountain ranges at an approximate distance of about 537, 1,943, 2,054, 2,707 km from Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, and Bengaluru respectively. Here are the following details on how you can reach here. 

By Air

To reach Manali via air, you will need to deboard at the Bhuntar Airport aka Kullu-Manali Airport situated 50 km away. In 2008, even a new terminal was inaugurated here for enhancing the overall travel experience of the tourists. To reach here it is advised to take connecting flights from Delhi. Once you get off the airport, consider booking a taxi or some other means of transportation to reach your hotel. From there, you will need to travel to Jobri from where the trek to Hampta Pass starts. 

By Train

The nearest train station is the Jogindernagar Railway Station situated 140-150 km away. However, this train station doesn’t have very good connectivity with nearby cities. Thus, it is best recommended to plan your trip to Manali via road or flight. 

By Road

You can travel to Manali via road as well. The roadways and national highways connecting Manali with other towns and cities are well-maintained and easily accessible. From the nearby regions, you can easily book interstate/private buses at affordable pricing via the internet. Apart from traveling on a bus, other options available are to either take a cab or travel via your own vehicle.

  • From Mandi - 106 km via Mandi-Bajaura Road or NH3
  • From Rampur - 249 km via NH205
  • From Patiala - 336 km via NH154

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