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Life is all about exploring beautiful places, soaking in positive vibes, and always enjoying new destinations, new experiences, and new ways of life! Solang Valley, one of the most beautiful and scenic places in the world, feels like heaven on Earth. 14 Km above Manali, another popular hill station in Himachal Pradesh, Solang Valley, is positioned close to River Beas. Locals have given this place its name Solang Valley or Solang Nala, where Solang means nearby village and Nala means a small stream. The unique beauty of this place makes it a must-visit destination for discerning travelers all through the year. Rolling verdant meadows in summers and encircling enchanting glaciers in winter make this place look truly spellbinding. Touted as the adventure destination of Himachal Pradesh, Solang Valley has a lot to offer. Gaze at the star-lit sky at night or bask in warm and comforting sun rays in the day and enjoy witnessing different shades of nature at its finest!

Best Time to Visit Solang Valley 

The weather in Solang Valley is at its best from April to June. People can also plan a trip to this awe-inspiring destination from December to February and enjoy the scenic views of snow covering the trees, roads, buildings, and more, creating a white paradise. Summers are perfect for enjoying summer-based activities like zorbing, trekking, parasailing, etc., while winters are best for skiing, snow gliding, etc. Solang Valley temperature hovers around 25°c in the daytime while touching 10°C in the night summers. In winters, the temperature often falls to around 0°C. Adrenaline junkies can visit this incredible destination any time of the year and enjoy nature’s scenic beauty.

History of Solang Valley

Solang in Himachal Pradesh was a pasture and grazing land where local shepherds took their cattle for grazing. The verdant pasture land was replete with abundant flora. Gradually, the popularity of this place spread far and wide, and soon Bollywood movies started to get picturised here. The picturesque views were liberally captured in the camera lens. After witnessing this beautiful and unexplored destination close to Manali on cinema screens, people were excited to visit it. Soon, it became one of the major attractions for people visiting Manali and Rohtang Pass. Gradually, locals started enjoying this destination for some fun-filled activities like paragliding. It resulted in adventure enthusiasts visiting the valley in large numbers and enjoying adrenaline-pumping activities. The natural, verdant, rolling slopes of the valley seemed perfect for skiing. Later, a bar lift was placed here to make skiing possible. Today, this area has become the hub of adventure-based activities that attracts thousands of visitors every year. 

Places to Visit in and around Solang Valley

Nestled amidst Solang Village and Beas  Kund, Solang Valley is a picturesque destination that beckons tourists from far and wide areas. People love exploring its natural attractions and engaging in diverse adventure-based activities. Let us have a look at the top 10 places to visit in and around Solang Valley and make the trip to this place memorable.

1. Rohtang Pass

A beautiful place that every tourist must visit, the picturesque views of Rohtang Pass seem like a page straight out of a fairy tale book. An awe-inspiring place covered with snow adds irresistible charm and appeal. It is approximately 42 km away from Solang Valley and is simply a glorious place. 

2. Kothi

A quaint village located 5 km away from Solang Valley. This old rustic village is the perfect place to spend some time admiring nature's marvels in perfect solitude. If you are tired from the fast-paced city life with a cacophony of sounds constantly assailing your senses, come here and spend a few days and soak in the beauty spread all around. 

3. The Great Himalayan National Park

It is the perfect place to visit for wildlife lovers, photography enthusiasts, and adventure buffs. Located 77 km from Solang Valley, the Great Himalayan National Park is biodiversity-rich. Enjoy amazing adventure experiences at this beautiful place located at the periphery of Kullu Valley and engage in activities like camping, hiking, bird watching, trekking, rock climbing, etc.

4. Beas Kund

A beautiful pond filled with emerald green water is nestled in the mighty cliffs, approximately 3700m high. Beas Kund is also famous among adventure enthusiasts who love hiking, trekking, and rock climbing activities. It is the place where the Beas River originates from the Beas glacier. The trek to Beas Kund starts from Solang Valley. Trekkers can admire breathtaking views of Friendship Peak, Hanuman Tibba, Seven Sisters, and Shitidhar on the way.

5. Jogini Falls

Jogini Falls, a pretty place known for its crystal clear water stream, peace and tranquility, incredible shrines, and a gorgeous destination for hikers and trekkers, is worth exploring when visiting Solang Valley, which is just 12 km away.

6. Bhrigu Lake

A famous mountain reservoir at an altitude of 4,300 m, Bhrigu Lake is a beautiful alpine lake surrounded by snow-carpeted peaks. This place has religious association and is believed to have been the meditation place of Maharishi Bhrigu. The lake is simply exquisite in looks. 

7. Rahala Waterfalls

Situated on Manali-Leh Highway, Rahala Waterfalls are 22 km away from Solang Valley. The water gushes down from 8500 ft and creates a mist. It is a layered, cascading waterfall surrounded by verdant woodlands, peppered with silver birch and deodar trees. There are many picnic spots close to clear streams flowing by.

8. Hot Water Spring

Also known as the Vashistha Kund, it is a popular hot water spring close to Solang Valley. The sulfurous hot water spring has medicational properties, which brings a lot of visitors to this place. There are separate bathing rooms for men and women. After taking a bath in the spring, they enter the temple dedicated to Lord Rama and Shiva.

9. Hidimba Temple

Located 15 km away from Solang Valley, Dhungri Temple or Hidimba Temple is another major attraction worth exploring. Dedicated to Hidimba Devi, wife of Bhima, one of the Pandava brothers, it is a popular and ancient cave temple. The location of this temple amidst extensive arboreal beauty consisting of cedar trees makes it truly stunning. 

10. Nehru Kund

It is located 8 km away from Nehru Kund and is a famous freshwater spring. Photographers and nature lovers lovingly explore the area. Spend some time amid verdant forests and admire the scenic charm of the place. The sound of gushing water nearby plays music to the ears.

Things to do in Solang Valley

If you are visiting Solang Valley for the first time and wondering how to spend your time besides checking out natural attractions, here is a well-curated list of a plethora of activities that will keep you suitably engaged. Here, we bring you some amazing and interesting things to do in Solang Valley that will make your holiday memorable. 

1. Paragliding

One of the most interesting and exciting activities, paragliding in Solang Valley will give you a sense of freedom like you have never experienced before. Soar high amid nature’s choicest marvels and enjoy exploring the lush green land rushing past by you. 

2. Zorbing

It is a gentler and exciting version of ‘Jill came tumbling after.’ Rolling in a transparent, huge ball is a completely different experience. When you roll down on a gentler slope of the rolling meadows, it will give you a unique sensation.

3. Camping 

It is a surreal experience to spend time in wilderness beneath the star-studded night, curled up in a cosy, warm blanket, with a cup of hot coffee in hand, and a bonfire to complete the ambiance. Carry your sleeping back and enjoy camping activity in the gorgeous Solang Valley, literally in the lap of nature.

4. Quad Biking

When visiting Solang Valley in summers, do not miss out on quad biking. The ride on an ATV on undulating landscape is a thrilling experience to say the least. A trained driver drives the visitors through thick vegetation and natural slopes at a fast speed. Hold your breath and get ready to enjoy this adrenaline-thumping experience.

5. Skiing

A visit to Solang Valley in winters is incomplete without indulging in skiing activity. Ski to your heart;s content on a snowy landscape and enjoy unlimited fun at this skiers’ paradise. If you are a beginner, start from gentler slopes and gradually try steeper slopes. 

6. Gondola Ride

It is another one of the many interesting activities to enjoy in Solang Valley. Ride in a gondola and witness the snow-capped mountains from a height, it will give you a sense of thrill that will give you a worthwhile experience. `

7. Snowmobiling

Float and gently glide over the snow with sledding or snowmobiling activity. Revel in child-like fun as you zip over the snowy landscape. 

8. The Winter Skiing Festival

When planning a trip to Solang Valley in winters, do participate in the Winter Skiing Festival which is an annual affair. This place comes alive with adventure-based winter activities like horse riding, skiing, sledding, zorbing, and more. 

How To Reach Solang Valley

Solang Valley is one of the most famous adventure-based destinations in Himachal Pradesh. Since it is a popular tourist place, it is well-connected with diverse modes of transport. Here’s the best ways for you to check out!

  • Nearest Famous City. Manali
  • Nearest Airbase. Bhuntar Airport, Kullu
  • Nearest Railhead. Jogindernagar Railway Station
  • Distance from Manali. 13 km 

By Air

The closest airport to Solang Valley is Bhuntar Airport in Kullu. Kullu is well-connected with flights from major cities of India. Hire a cab or a taxi to Solang Valley which is about 62 km from the airport.

  • Distance from Bhuntar Airport. 62 km 

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Here is a list of Indian cities from where flights are available To Reach Solang Valley

By Rail

The Jogindernagar railway station is the nearest railway station to reach Solang Valley. It is well connected to all major cities of India and serves many railways from different states. After deboarding, take a cab or a taxi to reach Solang Valley and enjoy scenic views enroute. 

  • Distance from Jogindernagar Railway Station. 175 km

By Road 

Solang Valley is well connected to nearby tourist attractions in Himachal Pradesh and nearby states via well-maintained highways and road networks. Regular buses ply to and fro between all cities in the state. You can hire a cab according to budget and convenience. 

  • Distance from Shimla. 261 km
  • Distance from Manali. 13  km
  • Distance from Kasauli. 288 km
  • Distance from Dharamshala. 252 km
  • Distance from Dalhousie. 358 km
  • Distance from Chamba. 402 km
  • Distance from Kufri. 263 km
  • Distance from Nahan. 379 km
  • Distance from Delhi. 563 km
  • Distance from Mumbai. 1966 km
  • Distance from Kolkata. 2073 km
  • Distance from Bengaluru. 2661 km

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Frequently Asked Questions Related to Solang Valley

Ques 1. What is special in Solang Valley?

Ans 1. Solang Valley is famous for its scenic views and a plethora of adventure-based activities. In winters, Solang Valley is covered with ice, transforming into a skier’s paradise. 

Ques 2. Is Solang Valley worth visiting?

Ans 2. Solang Valley is undoubtedly worth visiting as it is a picturesque destination that also offers a range of interesting and exciting activities to engage in. 

Ques 3. What is the best time to visit Solang Valley?

Ans 3. Solang Valley can be visited throughout the year, but the best time to visit this divine destination is in winters when the place is hopping with adventure enthusiasts engaged in thrilling activities.

Ques 4. What is the major attraction of Solang Valley?

Ans 4. The major attraction of Solang Valley is the diverse range of adrenaline-based activities like paragliding, sledding, quad biking, trekking, rock climbing, skiing, and more.

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