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most dangerous road in india

Top 10 Most Dangerous Roads in India

Do you consider yourself an experienced driver? Wait till you come across tight hairpin bends, carved mountain-side roads, slippery-icy roads, or roads close to the ocean with high waves crashing on the passing vehicles. Driving on such roads is a real test of your driving skills. Even expert drivers find their nerves shot to hell trying to keep their cars on the right track when passing through some of these scariest roads in India. Driving on these roads is similar to walking on a tightrope. Even seasoned drivers need to be very careful when driving on these roads. Have a look at some of the riskiest roads in the country to travel. It is advised to proceed with caution!

Here, we bring you a list of some of the most dangerous roads in India. Driving through these roads may be the scariest experience for you! Check out.

1. National Highway 22, Himachal Pradesh

National Highway 22, Himachal Pradesh

National Highway 22 or the Hindustan-Tibet Road starts at Ambala and passes through Haryana and Himachal Pradesh. This road can be easily referred to as the “road to hell.” Ricky cliffs, steep drops, thick snow-covered forests of tall Pine and Deodar trees, snowy storms reducing the visibility of the driver, and whatnot make this road one of the most dangerous roads in India. Moreover, the road is punctuated with deep, dark tunnels that are sure to give goosebumps to even the most seasoned driver. The hazardous conditions of the area make this road pretty scary.

2. Gata Loops, Ladakh

Gata Loops, Ladakh

Every drivers’ nightmare, this road is predominated with sharks and zig-zags. From the top, it looks like a whirlpool of roads. Even the most experienced drivers are reduced to biting their nails when traversing through these roads. These tight loops have shortcuts that raise the danger level to a new high. Moreover, it is believed that this area is haunted by the ghost of a dead truck driver. The challenging terrain, undulating landscape, hairpin bends, and tough weather conditions- all contribute to making this road one of the scariest ones.

3. Khardungla Pass

Khardungla Pass

Lying between India and China on the Silk Route, the Khardungla Pass is perched at a height of 5602 m above sea level. It is an unpaved and highly slippery road which increases its danger level. Dirt and frozen ice make this pass dangerous for drivers passing through the area. In addition to this, tough hairpin bends make the trip through this pass nightmarish.

4. Koli Hill Road, Tamil Nadu

Koli Hill Road, Tamil Nadu

Road MDR181 or Koli Hill Road in Tamil Nadu finds a way into this list of some of the most dangerous roads in India because of its tight turns and curves. Driving on them proved to be a dizzying experience for the passengers. There are 70 continuous hairpin bends on this road that keep the driver on the edge and demands his complete attention while driving. This road starts at Kolli Malai or Kalappanaickenpatti. The road is extremely narrow at ‘Death Mountains.’ Moreover, the road is full of patches and potholes. Overtaking on this road is a strict no-no on this treacherous road.

5. Karcham Chitkul, Kinnaur, Himachal Pradesh

Karcham Chitkul, Kinnaur, Himachal Pradesh

A combo pack of suspense, thrill, and adventure awaits you at Karcham Chitkul road. It is a 42 km long driveway and forces drivers to be very focused and passengers to grab the seat tightly when passing through it. The potholes-filled road starts from Sangla and driving on this road is nothing short of a hair-raising experience. The rest of the road to Chitkul is nothing short of a disaster. Even the most seasoned drivers find themselves at their wit’s end when driving on this road.

6. Bum La, Arunachal Pradesh

Bum La, Arunachal Pradesh

Situated at an elevation of 16500 ft above sea level, this road is the best example of death above clouds. This disastrous road is located close to the India-China border which can be traversed only by highly competent drivers. The driver needs to have strong nerves to make it through Bum La Pass. It is a constant harrowing ride with unpredictable weather making things worse. Dramatic weather changes leave drivers off guard at times. Heavy snow and chilly weather that leaves your insides completely chilled make things tough for the drivers and passengers.

7. NH66, Maharashtra