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If you are looking for a really strong sense of adventure then, Khardung La Pass may instantly pop-up in your mind. Also known as the gateway to the Nubra and Shyok Valley, this is a motorable pass located at an elevated height of around 5,602 m.    

This is the kind of destination that breaks your conventions about adventure traveling; yes, because if you think that you have seen Ladakh quite enough, then it's time to think again! Such is the magnificent aura of this destination.

Meant only for die-heart adventure fans, Khardung La Pass is especially loved by the people who are passionate to ride on bikes. The splendour of this pass is simply undying and thus is an ideal place for adventure tours. Besides, it is next to impossible not to get overwhelmed by the charm of the natural scenery of the mighty mountains and cold gusts of throbbing winds. Indeed, Khardung La Pass is all about finding glory within you. 

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Why You Should Visit Khardung La Pass

If your heart and soul lies in witnessing the dramatic and unspoiled beauty of nature, then this adventure travel destination is all about creating some fascinating memories along with your loved ones. It is here that you get to introduce yourself to various monasteries that reverberate with the energy of Buddhism all throughout. And apart from that, just simply being there and enjoying the feeling of sipping a hot cup of tea in the cold and alive morning is simply an unforgettable experience.   

Top Attractions Near Khardung La Pass

Magnetic Hill. If you are seeking something new, something inexplicable and something fundamentally raw then you have got to witness this mindblowing spectacle backed by science. Yes, this particular hill is known for attracting vehicles towards its direction by defying the phenomenon of gravity. Read More

Prayer Wheel. This prayer wheel is situated some kilometres away from Khardung La Pass. Rolling this wheel introduces yourself to a world that majorly consists of spiritual teachings of the masters and deep peace. It’s a very soothing experience to stand by the side of the prayer wheel and feel alive. 

Things to do in and Around Khardung La Pass

Sankar Monastery. The Sankar Monastery is all about getting to know the spiritual side of Leh and is not less than a treasure trove of history and spirituality. People who like to explore and traverse within one’s soul for deep contemplation will surely like this place. Located at a distance of around 3 km from the main town this monastery is a must-visit. 

Explore the Cuisine. The town of Leh specializes in serving multi cuisines comprising from Indian to Chinese to Korean. Although, the restaurants can be situated far from the Khardung La Pass, you can try local cuisines such as Thukpa, Noodle soup and much more locally.

Best Time to Visit Khardung La Pass

There are main two-time slots which are mainly suggested to visit Khardung La Pass. One of them is during April-June and the other in September-October. During this time, you get to experience moderate temperature which is ideal for traveling. The mid-winter is the season when this place experiences heavy rainfalls and it is mostly closed.  

Food and Clothing of Leh

Leh, Ladakh is undoubtedly a dream destination for many which are mainly because of the kind of scenic views and theatrics it has to offer that comes wrapped in nature. And apart from its herculean beauty, Leh is also quite famous for its food which mainly consists of scrumptious dishes like Ladakhi Pulao, Tigmo, Saag, Thupka, etc. And not just that, the people of Ladakh just look adorable in their clothing. The men here wear thick woolen robes, known as Goucha along with a sash called Skerg - mainly used for carrying daily life essentials of Ladakhi life. And the womenfolk wear something similar to Goucha which is called Kuntop.   

How to Reach Khardung La Pass

By Air. The Kushok Bakula Rimpochee airport of Leh is well-connected with all of the regions in India. You can easily take a flight from cities like Delhi, Pune, Chandigarh, Hyderabad, etc. After getting off, you will further need to cover a distance of 42 km to reach this place. For this, you can take a cab.  

By Road. The road network towards this area is mainly full of bumps and either there are landslides or some kind of road-repair work going on. So, taking this into account it is imperative to not travel via road. However, in spite of all these difficulties, this place remains no less than a trophy for bikers. The main route to take for Khardung La Pass is the Leh-Manali Highway.    

By Rail. The nearest railway station is the Jammu Tawi Railway Station. It has good PAN-India connectivity. After getting off the train station, you can easily take buses and taxis towards Khardung La Pass. 

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