Magnetic Hill is located at a distance of around 30km from Leh on the Leh Kargil Highway. Nestled at a great height of about 14,000 feet from the sea level, this is fundamentally a small stretch of road which defies the phenomenon of gravity by pulling the vehicles towards it.

Visiting the Magnetic Hill, you get to see for yourself that, how this regular looking hill magically pulls the stationary vehicles upwards. It almost seems unbelievable to the human eyes, however, when a person sees it, nothing else remains but to believe it. 

This place has been blessed with nature's flawless beauty; the unending skies along with the herculean mountains standing tall and prideful makes the whole vista a treat to witness. It is interesting to know that many interesting anecdotes and theories have associated with this place gradually. 

The best time to visit Magnetic Hill is from July to September. During this time the overall weather is very clear and is also apt for sightseeing. 

The Stories Relating to Magnetic Hill

One theory or more likely a superstition suggests that there once existed a magical road that had the power to take the people directly to heaven in the same place where this road exists presently. However, it was also believed that the people who didn’t deserve to go to heaven didn’t make it to this destination at all in the first place. 

The Magnetic Force Theory

This Theory seems to be quite a logical explanation of this phenomenon. It is also one of the most widespread and accepted theories related to Magnetic Hill. As per the belief, many people say that it is the magnetic force of this hill which, in the first place, is responsible for attracting the vehicles according to its given range. Many people have claimed that this hill emits strong currents of magnetic forces owing to which vehicles, sort of magically, get pulled upward the slope. Intriguingly, travellers from all across the globe have experienced this mysterious force. 

The Optical Illusion Theory

Another widely speculated theory suggests that due to some kind of optical illusion, the downslope of the hill seems to be like an upslope. This theory is also quite widely accepted and is a complete contradiction of the Magnetic Force Theory. Thus, when you see the vehicle going uphill it is actually coming down the slope. Interesting, isn't it? 

Major Attractions in and Around Magnetic Hill

1. Gurudwara Pathar Sahib

Situated on the Leh-Nimu road this is a very wonderful place to visit for the spiritually inclined. This gurudwara was built somewhere in 1517 to commemorate the visit of Guru Nanak Devji at this place. It has been enshrined with a large rock that has been covered by a holy cloth. If the legends are to be believed then, the rock even has the impressions of Guru Nanak Devji’s shoulders, head, back and feet. Currently, this place is being maintained by the Indian army. 

2. Basgo Monastery

The Basgo Monastery is located in Basgo, Leh. It is a Buddhist monastery and was primarily built for the Namgyal rulers. And owing to its popularity this monastery witnesses a great amount of tourist attraction in the form of devotees on a yearly basis. If you go towards Magnetic Hill then you should give a try visiting this place. It will help you feel relaxed and calm. 

3. Ney Valley

It is one of the most interesting places to visit. The vast skies, along with the lush mountains make this place a popular tourist attraction to explore in Leh. 

4. Phyang Gompa

This is basically a Buddhist monastery which is located in the Fiang village, just 15-16 kilometres west of Leh in Ladakh. This monastery was founded in the year 1515. 

5. Alchi Monastery

This is again a Buddhist monastery which is situated in the Leh district. The spiritual vibe of this place is out and out amazing to experience in all its raw form. 

How to Reach Magnetic Hill

By Air

The nearest airport is Kushok Bakula Rimpochee Airport aka Leh Airport and is quite well connected with other major airports. From there you can take a taxi or some other means of transportation to reach Ladakh.

By Road

If you take the Delhi-Manali-Leh highway route then it would prove to be the most convenient option for you. Moreover, the state transport buses, as well as the private buses, are also available from Himachal Pradesh.

By Train

The nearest railhead is Jammu Tawi which is situated at a distance of around 700km from Leh Ladakh. This place is quite well connected with Delhi and other major Indian cities through train routes. 

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