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An ideal place for enjoyment and appreciating the genuine Punjabi feel. Yes, that is what the city of Ludhiana in its essence is all about. It is a city replete with sugarcane fields to the Punjabi gaanas, from desi ghee ke paranthe to impeccable rajma chawal. And apart from being a modern town, Ludhiana draws tourists and travellers from the globe, the main reason being the presence of lots of Gurudwaras, forts and historic charm.

Why You Should Visit Ludhiana

Ludhiana is an interesting city replete with an abundance of fun, historic destinations and what not. The presence of Golden Temple, Govindgarh, Guru Ka Langar, Qila Mubarak make the city of Ludhiana worth visiting.

History of Ludhiana

Ludhiana city got its name from the Lodhi dynasty and is the biggest city of the state having about eight tehsils and seven sub-tehsils along with 12 development blocks. The Lodhi dynasty had ruled in Delhi from 1451-1526 A.D.

As the legend goes, the two major chiefs of Delhi namely Yusaf Khan and Nihand Khan were deputed by Sikander Lodhi in this region for the purpose of restoring order. These guys had camped at the site of the present city of Ludhiana which was then only a village known as Mir Hota.

Yusaf Khan went across the Sutlej in Jalandhar Doad for checking Khokhars who made a settlement at Sultanpur while Nihand Khan had stayed back founding the present city at the place where the Mir Hota village was situated. And the new town constructed here was originally known as Lodhi-ana. And later, it was further changed to the present Ludhiana.

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Places to visit in Ludhiana

Lodhi Fort. This 500-year-old fort was built by Sikander Lodhi on the banks of the River Sutlej. Although it stands almost in ruins, yet it is visited a lot by the locals and tourists on an annual basis. Locally known as Purana Quila, this fort is a grand structure lying in poor maintenance.

Rakh Bagh Park. With a lush green landscape and a toy train, this park comes across as one of the favourite spots for children, joggers and walkers. Revamped from the British era, the beauty of this amazing tourist spot never ceases to grab the attention of the children.

Things to do in Ludhiana

Nehru Rose Garden. Home to about 17,000 plants and more than 1600 varieties of roses, this place is perhaps one of the best picnic spots with a great number of water fountains around it.

Alamgir. It is basically a Sikh pilgrimage as it attracts a lot of Sikh devotees on a yearly basis. The natural beauty of this place is out and out amazing in all its immense raw beauty.

Events and festivals in & around Ludhiana

Lohri. Lohri is celebrated with a great amount of zeal and enthusiasm in Punjab. A huge bonfire is lit in the evening and all the members of the family go around it pouring offerings into that fire and then bowing down in reverence. Read More

Holi. One of the most colourful festivals celebrated in Ludhiana, Holi is truly a delight to celebrate. Celebrated in every part of the country, Ludhiana also celebrates Holi with that much great zeal. On this day, people do Puja and after which they smear colours to each other and play with their friends and loved ones.

Best time to visit Ludhiana

The winter season would be the perfect time to visit Ludhiana. The months from October to March would suit you perfect for tourism activities as compared to the summer months when the overall weather can be quite extreme.

Food and Clothing of Punjab

Punjab is quite an amazing place to visit and explore around.  While you plan a trip to Punjab then you have got to explore and relish the Punjabi cuisine like chole bhature, butter chicken, makke ki roti and sarso ka saag. Talking about the clothing, the traditional attire of Punjab includes kurta and tehmat for men and women folk generally wear salwar and suit and Punjabi ghagra.

How to reach Ludhiana

By Air. The nearest airport from Ludhiana is located at a distance of about 100 km in Chandigarh. You can easily travel here from places like Delhi, Pune, Mumbai, Kolkata. After deboarding your flight, you would need to further cover a distance of around 106 km and for this, you can hire a cab or some other means of transportation.

By Road. The overall connectivity via road is quite good to reach Chandigarh. From cities like Delhi, Pune, Mumbai, Kolkata you would need to cover a distance of around 307 km, 1,733 km, 1,722 km, 1,807 km, and 2,947 km.

By Train. Ludhiana has its own railway station. Thus, it becomes very easy for you to travel via train network. Seeing the natural beauty on your journey comes across as a good travel experience. Some good options to reach Ludhiana are Amritsar Shatabdi Express, Jhelum Express, Paschim SF Express are some good options to travel here.

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