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Punjab is the biggest contributor of crops and agriculture in India and the biggest occupation is agriculture itself thus a celebration in the name of it is definitely required. Baisakhi is celebrated at the time of harvest of Ravi crops when the fields start to glow and shine bright and gold. It is one of the major festivals of Punjab which is enjoyed with amusing dance and singing.

Baisakhi welcomes the season of happiness and delightfulness with the Bhangra and Gidda dances which will influence you to catch the beat and start dancing along with them. It takes place in the month of April according to the Sikh calendar

Major attractions of Baisakhi

The festival is a celebration of both New Year and the order of the ‘Khalsa Panth’. It also brings the harvest season and thus it is an occasion of celebration.

It is an excellent vision to see all the Sikh people dressed in bright and colorful clothes with happy smiles and cheerful vibe.

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People take bath in holy rivers and also visit Gurudwaras for blessings. Langars are organized at various different locations.

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How to reach Baisakhi?

Baisakhi is celebrated all over India by Sikhs but is one of the most glorious festivals to attend in Punjab. Chandigarh which is the capital city of Punjab is quite close to all its major cities. People can easily travel to Chandigarh from anywhere in India by air, road or rail.

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    13 April 2020

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