A perfect offbeat destination, Churah Valley is situated 65 kilometers away from Chamba and is a tehsil in the Chamba district of Himachal Pradesh. 

As it provides a gateway to four different places namely, Punjab, Jammu and Kashmir, Chamba, and Pangi Valley, the place is named ‘Churah’ which means four paths. 

From historical temples to apple orchards and from clean meadows to King’s palaces, Churah Valley has something for everyone hidden away in its corners. 

Housing a number of historical buildings and religious places, Churah Valley is endowed with exceptional beauty. It is no less than a paradise on Earth with a vast lush green landscape of ban, fir, spruce, kail, and deodar trees. 

Best Time To Visit Churah Valley

The Churah Valley remains covered in snow for around six months and looks like a winter wonderland from some Disney movie. However, the best time to visit Churah Valley is during the summer months when the temperature is just right for traveling and snow can also be enjoyed after hiking to some heights. 

History Of Churah Valley

Though there is a rich cultural background that can be witnessed amongst the people of Churah Valley, there are no such historical events that happened in this region. The most exciting part about its history is that it shares its borders with Jammu and Kashmir for many decades and Mughal influence is also visible in traditionally made buildings. 

Places To Visit In Churah Valley 

Churah Valley is one of the offbeat places to visit in Himachal Pradesh. Here's the list of tourist places in Churah Valley.

1. Sach Pass

Situated at an altitude of 14,500 feet in the Pir Panjal Range of the Himalayas, Sach Pass is located around 127 kilometers away from Chamba, Himachal Pradesh. From Churah Valley, Sach Pass is around 190 kilometers away. It remains open for trekkers from June to October. Once you reach Sach Pass, you will come across a number of breathtaking viewpoints. 

2. Gadasaru Mahadev Lake

Nestled at an altitude of 4300 meters and 2 kilometers in width, Gadasaru Mahadev Lake is a beautiful spot located near Churah Valley. This lake is also known as the “Dal Lake” and it is surrounded by mountains and green lands from all directions. A free feast is given to the travelers here during the festival of Gadasuru Mahadev, which is celebrated by orbiting around the lake. 

3. Devi Kothi Temple

While trekking towards the Gadasaru Mahadev Lake, you will come across the Devi Kothi Temple. Considered as the guardian angel deity of the people of Churah Valley, this temple is dedicated to the Chamunda Devi. This temple is also popular for its amazing murals and woodwork. The mesmerizing view of the Pir Panjal Range of the Himalayas from here will woo you instantly. The Devi Kothi Temple is situated at the most remote place in Churah Valley and remains covered in snow for almost six months. 

4. Chanju Mata Temple

Also known as the Kali Mata Temple, Chanju Mata Temple is yet another beautiful place in Churah Valley. This temple lies on the trail which connects Churah and Lahaul valleys. The Chanju Mata Temple is surrounded by lush greenery and the breathtaking views from here aren’t to be missed. The wooden architecture of this temple is very unique. To reach here, you will have to drive off-road for almost 30 kilometers. 

How to Reach Churah Valley

You can use public transport like state-run or private buses, or you can also drive your own car to reach Churah Valley. This valley is well-connected with the major districts of Himachal Pradesh by a wide network of roads. 

Here’s how you can reach Churah Valley - 

  • Nearest cosmopolitan city - Delhi
  • Nearest railway station - Pathankot Railway Station
  • Nearest airport - Pathankot
  • Distance from Delhi - 641 Kms

By Air - The nearest airbase to Churah Valley is in Pathankot. From there, private taxis and buses are easily available to reach your destination. 

  • Distance from Pathankot airbase. 160 Kms

By Train - The nearest railhead to Churah Valley is also in Pathankot. From there, private taxis and state-run buses are easily accessible. 

  • Distance from Pathankot railway station. 160 Kms

By Bus - Direct state-run and private buses are available from Pathankot, Shimla, and Chamba district to Churah Valley. 

Travel Tip - Churah Valley remote and cold place in Himachal Pradesh. Hence, pack enough warm clothes and other survival tools. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Churah Valley

Q1 - Where is Churah Valley?

Ans - Churah Valley is a tehsil in Himachal Pradesh located around 65 kilometers away from Chamba town. 

Q2 - In which district of hp is Ghadasru Lake?

Ans - Ghadasuru Lake is located in the Churah Valley tehsil of Chamba district in Himachal Pradesh.

Q3 - How do I get to Churah Valley?

Ans - State-run and private buses are easily available from Shimla, Chamba, and Pathankot. If you are traveling from Delhi, then get a bus to Chamba and then another bus to Bhanjraru, the headquarters of Churah Valley.

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