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Khajjiar is an exotic destination and is often referred to as the Mini Switzerland of India. It is situated in the Chamba district, 24km away from Dalhousie. Tourists come to Khajjiar to explore its raw cinematic beauty and know how it feels to taste the adventure of a lifetime. This scenic spot is surrounded by beautiful cedar forests home to a diverse range of flora and fauna. The Khajji Nag temple, in particular, has a unique relevance in the hill station. The temple is dedicated to a serpent god, and as spooky as it may sound, it is a fascinating place to explore.

The verdant forests, snow-clad mountains, wildlife, and adventure opportunities that a person gets to explore in Khajjiar are the very reason to plan a trip here. This place is no less than a heaven for any nature lover, wildlife photographer, and adventure seeker. So, if you want to spend some quality time with family and friends, indulge in some adventure, or maybe click some cool snapshots, then Khajjiar is the place where you should be heading towards to!

Best Time To Visit Khajjiar

The best time to visit Khajjiar is in the summer, between March to June. During this time, the climate is very pleasant. Planning a visit in winter is not a great idea because, at times, roads get blocked due to heavy snowfall, and the climate is too chilly to travel and explore the hill station.   

History Of Khajjiar 

Khajjiar hill station is 2000 meters above sea level. Historians claim that Rajput rulers ruled the entire Chamba Valley during the 6th century, and Khajjiar used to be their capital. Later during the medieval times, the region was ruled by Mughal emperors, Sikh rulers, and eventually by Britishers till India gained independence in 1947.   

In 1992, the vice counselor of Switzerland in India, Mr. Willy T Blazer, brought Khajjiar to the limelight by calling it Mini Switzerland. Legends have it that Mr. Willy Blazer also took a stone from Khajjiar and placed it in a stone collage outside the Swiss Parliament as an honorary gesture to the beauty of Khajjiar. Ever since Khajjiar has developed as a tourist spot, and today, it is one of the most loved places to visit in Himachal Pradesh.

Besides its natural beauty, Khajjiar is also famous for various adventure sports like trekking, camping, paragliding, horse riding, and zorbing. Tourists from across the country and globe arrive here to admire the beauty of this hill station and relax in its serene ambiance.   

Things To Do & Places To Visit In Khajjiar

1. Khajjiar Lake

Khajjiar has some of the most iconic and fun places to travel to. And one among them is Khajjiar lake. The green landscapes around the lake offer mesmerizing views making you want to stay here forever.

2. Kalatop Wildlife Sanctuary

The Kalatop wildlife sanctuary is a place worth traveling to. Better known for its conservation efforts, the sanctuary is home to all sorts of animal species - pheasants, serow, black bear, and the famed Himalayan Griffon, an endangered vulture species native to the Himalayan region. It is one of the largest and heaviest birds found in the region, with a wingspan of 8-10 feet. The dense deodars and the forest covers an area of about 19.63 square km. A visit here could be one of the most memorable trips of your life.

3. Khajji Naag Temple

This 12th-century temple is located on the banks of Khajjiar lake. The temple is dedicated to the serpent god, and its structure is an architectural fusion of the Hindu and the Mughal style. The temple's major highlights are idols of Lord Shiva, Goddess Hidimba, snakes, and intricate wood carvings on the walls.    

4. Adventure

Who wouldn't want to feel the wind in their faces riding in a horse like Butch Cassidy or Man with no name straight out of a Sergio Leone movie? Definitely, worth a try, we say! Tourists can enjoy horse riding, trekking, and many other adventure sports in Khajjiar.  

5. Paragliding

We all love a little adrenaline rush, don't we? For all those adventure enthusiasts who dream of having wings, soaring in the air must give a try to paragliding in Khajjiar. These are two popular adventure options to go for when it comes to indulging yourself with amazing and lively activities. 

6. Golden Devi Temple

The Golden Devi temple sits by the side of the Khajjiar Lake. Absorbing all the beautiful vistas by the lake, the golden spire adorns the temple grounds. One of the most eclectic tourist destinations, it is best suited to visit family and friends.

7. Zorbing

Adventure enthusiasts can engage in thrilling adventure-based activities like zorbing. It is an exciting activity that is sure to give you an adrenaline rush. The orb is made up of transparent plastic material. Sliding down in this enclosed sac on steep slopes of Khajjiar is an awe-inspiring experience.  

8. Kailash Villages

Khajjiar is nestled amidst the dense forests of tall deodar trees and a mighty mountain range. The Kailash villages located in the lap of nature in the foothills of lush mountains add to the area's scenic beauty. Enjoy the magnificent views of Mount Kailash from these villages. 

9. Tibetan Handicrafts Center

When planning a visit to Khajjiar, do not miss out on buying some of the best and traditional souvenirs. Plan a visit to Tibetan Handicrafts Center and browse through some of the most interesting and artful creations made by local artisans. The center is open from 9 in the morning till 5 in the evening. 

10. Dhauladar Range

Khajjiar is also a perfect place for trekking enthusiasts. The Dhauladar Range is perfect for admiring scenic views of snow-capped mountains while enjoying trekking through dense forests. 

11. Dainkund Peak, Rakhed

Khajjiar boasts of some of the most picturesque places, and Dainkund Peak is one of them. It is amazing watching the snow-capped peaks from a high vantage point on a sunny day. In summers, it allows magnificent views to the tourists, and in winters, it transforms into a white paradise. 

How To Reach Khajjiar 

Khajjiar is a quaint hill station located in the Chamba district of Himachal Pradesh. It is easily accessible through roadways, railways, and air transport.

  • Nearest Metropolitan City - Delhi 
  • Distance From Dalhousie - 20 km
  • Distance From Chamba - 22.6 km
  • Distance From Dharamshala - 124 km
  • Distance From McLeod Ganj - 124.4 km
  • Distance From Delhi - 580 km
  • Distance from the Nearest Airport - 109.2 km

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By Road

Khajjiar is a hill station, but it enjoys an excellent network of asphalted roads. Other towns and cities of Himachal Pradesh like Chamba, Dalhousie, and Shimla are well-connected with Khajjiar. Traveling to this amazing destination is a memorable experience. Catch captivating views of mountains, tall trees, and enjoy a memorable road trip. The best route to reach Khajjiar is via Dalhousie and Chamba. 

  • Bus Service - Delhi to Khajjiar is 580 Km. It takes approximately 10 hours 24 minutes to reach this lovely destination from Delhi. HRTC buses play their services to Khajjiar. High-end Volvo buses are available that make the journey extremely comfortable and pleasant. 
  • Cab Services - When traveling to Khajjiar from Delhi or other nearby cities or towns of Himachal Pradesh, hire a cab. It gives you the flexibility of travel, making the journey convenient and relaxing. 

By Train

The closest railhead to reach Khajjiar is in Pathankot. There are approximately ten trains between Delhi and Pathankot. The railhead is also connected to other major cities like Delhi, Udhampur, Jammu, Ahmedabad, etc. 

  • Nearest Railway Station - Pathankot is the closest railway station, approximately 118 km away from Khajjiar. The train journey to Pathankot gives you a glimpse into the rich natural marvels of the region. It is fun checking out verdant meadows, tall mountains, a vast expanse of farmland, etc., passing by.  

By Air

Dalhousie Airport is the nearest airport with flights from major cities providing easy access to Khajjiar. 

  • Nearest Airport - Dalhousie Airport is the closest airport, about 20.5 km from Khajjiar. 
  • Second Nearest Airport - Kangra or Gaggal Airport in Dharamshala is 109.8 KM. 

Travel Tip - Khajjiar is an all-weather destination, and visitors can visit this beautiful hill station any time of the year, except during the monsoon season. During this season, the place experiences heavy downpours, which makes it tough to explore the destination. 

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