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8 Mysteries of Mount Kailash | A Sacred Place In India With Many Secrets

Abode of Lord Shiva and the source of the Brahmaputra, Indus, Sutlej, and Karnali rivers, Mount Kailash is the sanctum sanctorum that is referred to as the center of the world and the stairway to heaven. The supremely sacred mountain is situated in the south-western part of Tibet bordering the Kumaon region of India - the point where heaven meets earth. 

According to scriptures, if someone makes a circle trek around this sacred mountain, their sin could be erased. Hindus, Jains, Tibetan Buddhists, and folks of Bon religion firmly believe in the divinity of Kailash Parvat, however, there are many mysteries that are enveloped around the peak in Kailash Ranges that is perpetually shrouded under thick silver clouds.

The Mysteries Of Mount Kailash Remain Obscure

Like it’s said, “Universe is under no obligation to make sense to humans.” Sometimes we have to believe in the unbelievable, that is when we surrender to the supreme. Mount Kailash is one such place on earth that has been universally accepted as divine, for not one but many reasons. 

Take a look at the mythical facts about Kailash Parvat that will leave you flabbergasted. Forbidden or not, read the blog to know:

1. Significance Of Mount Kailash In Different Religions

Considered Sanctum Sanctorum of Hindus, Buddhists Jains, and Bon religion, Mount Kailash is revered by all. Hindus worship Kailash as an abode of Shiva. Tibetan Buddhists consider it as a representation of Buddhist cosmology on the earth. For Jains, the place holds significance as the founder of their religion, Rishabh attained spiritual awakening here. Bom’s believe that their founder landed at Kailash when he descended from heaven. No matter how different religions find their spiritual connection with Mount Kailash, the core essence is that the precious snow mountain is universally accepted as DIVINE.

2. Discovered As The Center Of The World

According to the research of various scientists, it has been stated that Mount Kailash is the axis of rotation of the celestial sphere. Having its mention in Vedas and mythological book, Ramayana, Kailash Parvat has also been scientifically discovered as the axis Mundi. Various studies have proven facts that the quintessential divine peak is the center of the world that is connected to significant monuments around the globe. The historical landmark in England, Stonehenge is exactly 6666 km away from here. The same dimension goes with the North Pole which is also 6666 km from the Mount and the distance doubles exactly with the South Pole, which is exactly 13332 km away from the peak.

3. No Human Could Ever Climb To The Peak

Many daring mountaineers have attempted to make their way to the peak of Kailash Parvat but no one could ever make it to the abode of Shiva. According to Hindu scriptures, meddling with the divinity of the sacred Mount is a forbidden act as this can disturb the Godhead, Shiva who resides in the mountain with his consort and Nandi. With the record of unsuccessful attempts at the summit, Mount Kailash remained unexplored to date. Rough weather, altitude sickness, diverging in the wrong direction, misleading trails are some of the hindrances that deterred even the toughest of trekkers. According to Buddhist scriptures, Milarepa - the Tibetan Buddhist monk could scale up the peak in the 11th Century. He is a sole sage whose name is etched in the history of Mount Kailash.

4. A Stairway Between Heaven And Earth

As mentioned in Vedas, the holy scriptures of Hindus, Mount Kailash is a stairway between heaven and earth. According to Mahabharata, the Pandavas with their sole consort Draupadi climbed Mount Kailash to attain Moksha. On their way to heaven, everyone except Yudhishthira slipped one by one while climbing up the cliff. It is believed that the door to heaven opened only for Yudhishthira. The four slopes of the pyramid-shaped Kailash Parvat face the four directions of the compass which makes it the epitome of perfection. The disciples firmly believe that it is the gateway to heaven.

5. Creation Of Om Symbol