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Do you know the highest cricket ground in the world is in Chail in Himachal Pradesh? It is a must-visit for cricketers, cricket lovers, and everyone else. It is located at an altitude of 18,080 ft. Chail was found by Maharaja Bhupinder Singh who was a lover of cricket and made Chail its summer capital. Other than that, it is a beautiful place and is an apt tourist place in the state. Encompassed by rich greenery, this place provides entrancing views from an extraordinary height. It is also known as the explorer's heaven. Chail, Himachal Pradesh, will undoubtedly give a visitor an unforgettable travelling experience. This place is popular for having the world's most notable cricket and polo grounds and has a rich resort located on three peaks.

Places to Visit in Chail

Chail Wildlife Sanctuary

This place has a somewhat dark past as this is the place which once used to be the hunter’s reserve for the royals of this place. However, then it was in the year of 1976 that this place was declared as the wildlife sanctuary for this place. What is really interesting about this place is the fact that here you will be finding a plethora of species of birds.

Palace Hotel

It was when the Maharaja of Patiala, Maharaja Bhupinder Singh was banished from Shimla over a dalliance with the British Commander-in-Chief’s daughter this place of Chail came into existence. So, he went ahead and then also created his own summer capital.

Kali Temple

The Kali Temple is situated in Chail and is really one of the best options to explore the immensely beautiful sceneries with which this place is surrounded. So, if you want to experience some breath-taking views then this is the place which you should definitely consider visiting.

Things to Do in Chail

Visit The Cricket Ground

It is known that the Maharaja Bhupender Singh was a hardcore cricket enthusiast. Thus, he built a cricket ground for himself on the top of the hill. And it is from then on that Chail is the proud home to the highest cricket ground all across the globe.

Go Horse Riding

What is really great about this place is the fact that to travel on the terrain of Kufri, you cannot go without a horse. However, this is quite a fun activity to do and is also completely safe. People can be seen riding horses for the purpose of travelling and seem joyful.

Sidh Baba Ka Mandir

Did you know that this temple was also built by the Maharaja Bhupinder Singh? It was when a saint visited him in his dream and told him that it was that particular place which was his place of dream destinations.

Events and Festivals in & Around Chail

Bhoj Fair

This amazing fair lasts for three days. It is celebrated in the month of November in the honour of Lord Bangor.

Lavi Fair

The Lavi Fair is celebrated in the memory of the mutual treaty which was signed between the Tibet and Bushahr state. During this festival, you get to watch a number of cultural shows which are performed at a small-scale business amongst the shepherds.

Shimla Summer Festival

The Shimla Summer Festival is held in the month of May on a yearly basis. However, what is really exciting is the fact that during this festival you will get to know about the local music, dance concerts, cultural performances as well as photography competition.

Best Time to Visit Chail

You can visit Chail at any time of the year. However, if you are specifically looking for the best time frame to visit Chail, then the months of April to June would suit you best to visit this place and have fun.

How to Reach Chail?

Chail is situated at a distance of 47 km from Shimla. And the nearest railway station is situated in Kalka from where you can catch a cab to reach your destination. Connectivity via road is also very convenient. And the nearest airport is Shimla Airport (SLV) located in Jabbarhatti.  

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