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Celebrated for a period of five days, the Shimla Summer Festival is the celebration which is regarding the harvest and is simply a riot of colours which you will enjoy deeply. Apart from that the celebrations also welcome the onset of the summer season. Visiting this festival, you will be encountering tons of new things like gala of some of the most brilliant musical performances, cultural attractions, exhibitions and what not! Apart from that, you will be finding innumerable stalls selling a wide spectrum of things such as artisanal wares, exotic food, good looking clothes etc. You can also experience and participate in activities like dog shows, shows relating to fashion and a barrage of many other things! This festival takes place on an annual basis and has been there for a long time, that is from the decade of the 1960s to be exact. As this festival is held on the Ridge in Shimla there is a great amount of space which doesn’t become a barrier in the festivities. And what is really great about this festival is the fact that the Shimla Summer Festival is non-ticketed which means that you won’t be charged any kind of entry fee. Amazing, isn’t it?

Major Attractions of Shimla Summer Festival

This festival starts with a half-marathon which particularly signifies the starting of this 5-day period of fun and enjoyment. What is really cool about the Shimla Summer Festival is the fact that a lot of significance is given to sporting events.

There is even this flower show which is responsible for bathing Shimla in an enriching aura of really magnificent colours. And we don’t need to tell you that the summer-time is just the perfect time for capturing this captivating experience full of exotic fun.

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There are some of the greatest live performances which are a must experience for the tourists and travellers alike. And along with that, there is a diverse range of competitions such as photography competitions and poster-making competitions. All of these cool things make this festival a super hit among the tourists and locals.

How to Reach Shimla Summer Festival?

By Air - The nearest airport is Jubbarhatti Airport. And from there you will need to get a cab or some other means of transportation to reach your destination which is the Shimla Summer Festival.

By Road - The overall connectivity via road is quite good. Thus, if you are planning a road trip with your loved ones then it will be a very convenient experience for you to reach Shimla Summer Festival.

By Train - The connectivity via train routes to Shimla is also quite good. There are regular trains from the major cities which connect with Himachal Pradesh. And the views on your journey will simply mesmerize you to your core.

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  • 6 Days

  • Cultural

  • Himachal Pradesh
  • Festival Date

    02 June 2019 - 07 June 2019

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