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Surrounded with lush green environment, the Jakhoo Temple spreads divinity and spirituality. The temple is dedicated to hindu monkey god named Hanuman. Amazingly, you will find a whole lot of monkeys in number. The mega statue of Lord Hanuman which is also the world’s largest statue, is the best thing in the temple. Being the place where you can see monkeys in huge.

Top attractions in Jakhoo Temple

The Shikhara Architecture

The Jakhoo Temple is the best example of north Indian architecture named “Shikhara Architecture”. When you are in the mystical atmosphere, you cannot deny the perfect architecture that have been formed into the temple. Sch piece of work is the creation from the gone era.

Things to do in Jakhoo Temple

Visit the Jakhoo Hill

The explorer will never miss the chance to visit the beautiful Jakhoo Hill. Walk with those deodars, the landscapes, the mountains! Amazing trekking experience you will have.   

The Ridge

That magnificent ridge which is situated on Mall Road, and is just 1 kilometer away from the temple, will be heartwarming.

Best time to visit Jakhoo Temple

The occult Jakhoo Temple in Simla gets the best form in the month of January where the beautify of the Jakhoo Temple get the perfect incarnation with the amalgamation with foggy and pleasant weather.

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How to reach Jakhoo Temple?

Air- The nearest airport is Kangra Airport. After reaching the airport, you can hire local modes of transport such as taxi, bus or auto to reach the Jakhoo Temple.

Rail- If you are heading from Uttar Pradesh and Delhi, then, Opting out the railway service is one of the best. The nearest railway stations to Jakhoo Temple is Shimla Railway Station, Chamunda Marg.
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