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Himachal Pradesh is the hub of magnificent and miraculous temples and the Jwala Devi Temple is surely one of them. The location, the spectacle, the atmosphere, create a spellbinding hue in the temple. Apart from the virtual visuals, the physical spectacle woo you with its little aspects such as gilded dome, the non-stop burning blue flames. Such flames is considered as one of 51 Shaktipeeth.

Top attractions in Jwala Devi Temple

Nine magnificent flames

You will be mesmerized with nine magnificent flames such has been named as Saraswati, Annapurna, Chandi, HingLaj, Vindhya Vasini, Mahalkshmi, Mahakali, Ambika and Aniana.

The silver-plated folding doors

The beautiful temple consists the silver-plated folding doors that is adding beauty to the temple.

The Gilt Dome

The gilt-dome on the top of the temple gives an amazing overall spectacle. It is believed that the gilt-dome is built by Maharaja Ranjit Singh.

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Things to do in Jwala Devi Temple

The Famous Kangra Mandi

Before the Darshan, you can head to the famous Kangra Mandi at Gupt Ganga Road. equipped with “Pooja Items” such as “Mata Ki Chunni” and Prashad such as Paan, Supari, Dharela, Elaichi and many.


While you are at the temple, the prominent thing is to attend the pooja where you can faithfully offer prasad to the deity.

Best time to visit Jwala Devi Temple

During the Navratri in March-April and September-October is the most celebrated time when the authorities of the temple organize the pomp out celebrations. So, if you are planning to visit the temple, you can plan during the festive season.

How to reach Jwala Devi Temple?

Air- The closest airport is the Kangra Airport. After reaching the Kangra District, you can easily get the local modes of transport to reach the Jwala devi Temple.

Rail- The nearest railway station is  Kangra Mandir Railway Station in Halehr Khurd. After reaching the station, you can easily get a bus, taxi or auto to reach the place.

Bus- If you are heading from Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, the roadway is the best idea. You can take the government authorized buses that runs for Himachal Pradesh.

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