Nestled in the foothills of Himalayan mountains, Kangra is a district in Himachal Pradesh popular for its temples, tea plantations and nature’s awe-inspiring bounty. 

Due to its mention in sacred Hindu texts several times, this region is often referred to as Dev Bhumi meaning Land of the Gods. 

Other than nature’s endless beauty, Kangra is also replete with man-made marvels like Jwala Devi Temple, Masroor Cut Rock Temple and many other interesting travel destinations missing out on which can be a cause of great regret.

Best Time to Visit Kangra

If you want to capture the beautiful moments which this place has to offer, then you must know that the best time to visit Kangra is between the months of September and November. 

However, if you want you can visit here at any time of the year, as mostly the weather is pleasant throughout the year but the above-mentioned time is generally preferred by the tourists.

History of Kangra

The erstwhile name of Kangra was Kiraj and Trigarta. This town was founded by Katoch Rajputs who belonged to the Chandervanshi Lineage. It is believed that the Katoch Rajas had a very strong foothold over these regions and had built magnificent forts and temples for themselves. 

One ancient story states that Kangra was earlier known as Bhimnagar as it was founded by Raja Bhim who was supposedly the younger brother of Raja Yudhishthira from the timeline of the Mahabharata.

The Battles. Kangra as a historical region has witnessed its fair share of battles which ensued between Sikhs and Katoch dynasties time and again. For instance, several battles were fought between Maharaja Ranjit Singh and King Sansar Chand Katoch. 

It is believed that, once upon a time, while both the armies were busy fighting each other, the Gurkha army quietly entered through the gates of Nagarkot Fortin 1806. Due to this, the Sikhs and the Katoch armies had to make an alliance to defeat and re-conquer the fort.

Thus, Katoch kings were successfully able to keep Kangra with them until 1828. This was the time when Maharaja Ranjit Singh had annexed it after Sansar Chand’s passing away. In 1948, it was merged with independent India.

Major Attractions in and Around Kangra

1. Kareri Lake

It is a freshwater lake and is one of the best places to visit with your loved ones. The charm and the lush vitality which this place exudes is a major reason in itself due to which hundreds of tourists visit this place.

2. Kangra Fort

It is interesting to know that there was a time when fierce battles were fought to conquer this fort by many Rajas. And if we look at history then we would be finding a great number of people had the ownership of the fort during several timelines. Overall, it is a great historical destination to catch up with the past.

3. Indrahar Pass Trek

This place has to offer abundant scenic views of nature to tourists. For people who love to trek; they will fall in love with this place. Just a suggestion, if you get to travel here, do click some cool snaps, otherwise, you may end up regretting it. 

4. Dhauladhar Range

You will be left craving for more after witnessing the herculean charm of this mountain range. Seeing the Himalayas rising from the ground and going thousands of meters up in the sky is a magical experience in itself.

5. Chamunda Devi Temple

Located at a distance of around 15 km from Kangra, this temple has an amazing spiritual vibe which you will simply fall in love with! This temple is home to the shrine of Goddess Chamunda Devi who has been there in her mighty and raging form alongside other male Hindu deities such as Lord Hanuman, Lord Bhairava etc.

How to Reach Kangra

Kangra, known for its immaculate beauty, is a must-visit for anyone who wants to spend an unforgettable vacay in the lap of nature. It is located at an approximate distance of 452, 1,866, 1,975, 2,628 km from Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, and Bengaluru respectively. Check out the following details on how you can reach Kangra. 

By Air

The nearest airport is the Kangra Airport aka Gaggal Airport (DHM) situated about 11 km away. This airport is situated over an area of 1269 acres and is located at an altitude of 2492 feet. It is suggested to take connecting flights from Chandigarh and Delhi to reach here. Once off the airport, you can easily book a taxi or avail some other means of public conveyance.

Here is a list of Indian cities from where flights are available to Kangra

By Train

Kangra does have its own train station but it is a toy train station and is not connected with other regions. In this case, you will need to deboard at the Pathankot Railway Station (PTK) situated about 86 km away. Located at 331 metres, it connects nearby regions with Kangra, given that after deboarding the train, you cover the remaining distance by some means of public transportation to reach Kangra. 

By Road

Kangra is well-connected by motorable roadways and national highways to other regions and cities. You can easily book buses at affordable prices, that run to and fro from cities like Delhi, Chandigarh, Manali regularly. You can also book a cab or take your own vehicle to reach here.

  • From Amritsar - 202 km via NH54 or NH154
  • From Patiala - 257 km via NH503
  • From Mandi - 127 km via NH15

Frequently Asked Questions about Kangra

Q: What are some popular places to visit in Kangra?
A: Some popular places to visit in Kangra include Kangra Fort, Brajeshwari Temple, Dhauladhar Range, and Kangra Valley.

Q: Is it worth visiting Kangra?
A: Kangra is a beautiful hill station known for its scenic beauty, rich culture and historical significance. If you're interested in nature, culture and history, then Kangra is definitely worth visiting.

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