A pride event for Kasol people, Himachal Hills Festival is such a festival that primarily focuses on music. Suffice it to say that witnessing the live performances of young and talented singers and beating on the beats played by the noteworthy DJs surely serves as an exceptional experience to people. It is a blessing for people who consider themselves party animals. 

Best Time To Visit

Unlike most of the fairs and festivals in India, its duration is not of one day only but it spreads its energy for 2 last days of a year and sometimes 3, basically 30th December and 31st December. The festival gets conducted in the chilly weather of Kasol where a bonfire comes as a perk to make it a perfect blend of warmth and coldness. Being a part of this festival is a zippy adventure that one must try to experience the most mesmerizing side of life. 

Cultural Significance of Kasol

Himachal Pradesh is a beautiful hill state in India. It is known for its unrivalled natural beauty and rich culture. The place has remained uninfluenced by Western culture and retained its cultural legacy. The place follows multiple religions, cultures and speaks multiple languages. Kasol is a lovely place that is blessed with incredible natural beauty. Local dance and music of the place reflect its rich culture and historical heritage. A variety of festivals are celebrated here that are of great significance. Himachal Hill Festival is one of them.

 Major Attractions Of Himachal Hills Festival

1. New Year Celebrations

A big bash New Year treat for party lovers, Himachal Hill Festival Kasol is all about an epic stage setup, an amalgamative flea market, breathtaking decoration, and whatnot. All those who love to welcome the upcoming year with full enthusiasm must get their tickets reserved for the Himachal Hills Festival 2021 certainly before the house gets full. Right from the UV décor and props to the DJ line up, everything at this festival is worth witnessing once a lifetime.  

2. Live Painting sessions

The candid photography and live painting let people stare with an “Aww" feel as it is alluring to witness painting and music as a couple. One can also get their favorite tattoo inked on their body parts by the talented tattoo artists marking their presence in the festival.

3. Live Band performances

The soul of the Himachal Hills Festival, live band performances are always commendable and win the hearts of all the visitors. It offers an exceptional experience by letting people dance to the songs of highly talented singers while matching steps with the rhythm of the chilly winds.

4. Camping alongside the waters

The placid environment around the water bodies doubles the happiness of camping for the travelers who visit Kasol for celebrations of the Himachal Hills Festival. It is somehow a part of the festival as the camping is arranged by the different hosting companies where one can cover themselves with the blanket of stars. This unique feature makes it one of the best festivals of Himachal Pradesh

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Places to Visit While Attending Kasol Music Festival

When planning to visit Kasol to attend the Himachal Hills Festival, you can also explore other attractions in the area to make it a fulfilling trip. 

Parvati River

Gushing waters with its melodious sound resonating in the valley will beckon you from a distance. This river adds character to this place and completes the whole picture of this beautiful place. The flow of the river is very fast and it gives the visitor a sense of peace.

Tirthan Valley

This valley is 60 km far from Kasol but worth visiting. It is the perfect place to visit if you are looking for some peace and quiet. It is a secluded place, far from the hustle and bustle of the city. 

Tosh Village

It is a quaint village situated at a height of 2, 400 meters above the sea level. A gentle River Tosh flows by the area. Visit this village to witness the life of locals in the area. Admire the picturesque views all around while visiting the village.


Whether you wish to admire and enjoy mountainous beauty or looking for some spiritual enlightenment, Manikaran is the best place to visit and experience a deep sense of peace washing over you. Visit Manikaran Sahib, a famous Gurudwara and seek blessings from the Guru. 

How To Reach Kasol

Hemmed with a plethora of interesting events, the Himachal Hills Festival is organized in the spectacular hills of Kasol. It is a small hamlet that has gained popularity due to its breathtaking beauty. To reach this serene land, you need to travel 531 km, 1917 km, 2688 km, and 2721 km from Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, and Chennai respectively.

  • Nearest Famous City. Pathankot
  • Nearest Airport. Bhuntar Airport
  • Nearest Railbase. Joginder Nagar Railway Station
  • Distance from Pathankot. 273.7 Km

By Air

When willing to reach Kasol by airways, you need to take a flight for Bhuntar Airport that is merely at a distance of about 30 km from Kasol. From Bhuntar Airport, you need to get a bus that takes you to Manali. Afterward, a cab, taxi, auto-rickshaw, or other road vehicles can assist you in completing your trip to Kasol. 

  • Distance From Bhuntar Airport. 31.3 Km

By Train

If you are pondering about the ways to reach Kasol by train, then you must know that there is no railway station but Joginder Nagar Railway Station lies at the nearest distance to Kasol. It is 144 km away from Kasol, therefore, you will have to cover the rest by road for which you can take a private or public bus or else a taxi or cab.

  • Distance from Joginder Nagar Railway Station. 144 km 

By Road

To get the most delightful and refreshing surprises along the way, it is the best option to go to Kasol via road. The journey to your destination will offer you scenic views of the hills that can even take your breaths away. For this, you can select a vehicle of your choice, be it a cab, taxi, bus, or your vehicle. 

  • Distance From Shimla: 217 km via NH154
  • Distance From Surat: 1658 km via NH48
  • Distance From Jaipur: 774 km via NH48

Frequently Asked Questions Related to Himachal Hills Festival

Ques 1. What are the major highlights of the Himachal Hills Festival?

Ans 1. The Himachal Hills Festival is known for a musical extravaganza, New Year celebrations and a variety of fun-based activities. Visitors are left enthralled with the cultural fiesta and love dancing and grooving to the tunes of DJs.

Ques 2. What is the duration of the Himachal Hills Festival?

Ans 2. The duration of the Himachal Hills Festival is two days. 

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