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15 Best Music Festivals In India You Should Attend In This Year

Music is a medicine that can bring hearts together and heal our souls. Music festivals in India are the best way to celebrate sounds, melodies, beats, and rhythms. People often prefer to listen to music on television or on their smartphones. Several music lovers believe that listening to your favorite music can help you feel relaxed while lifting your moods.

At the same time, most music fans are familiar with the bliss of visiting a live concert to listen to their favorite music during music festivals organized across different states of India, whereby musicians and singers from across the world can showcase their singing and other talents. It is a golden opportunity for music lovers and travelers as they get to visit new places while enjoying a wide musical mix.

Music festivals are the best way to enjoy the power of music. It is also the best way to provide a platform for budding musicians to showcase their skills to the audience. Here, we bring you the top music festivals in India that have garnered popularity worldwide.

1. Sunburn Festival In Goa

Sunburn Festival Goa - Music Festivals in India

Sunburn Festival in Goa is a three-day musical extravaganza that started in 2007. Music lovers attend this festival in great numbers to enjoy an eclectic mix of music by some of the best artists from the country. Today, Sunburn Music Festival has become an aspirational brand where music lovers can listen to the best artists sharing their musical talent with a discerning audience. 

2. Hornbill Festival In Nagaland

Hornbill Festival Nagaland

Nagaland's Hornbill Music festival is one of the largest music festivals celebrated in India. The Hornbill Music festival is celebrated as a cultural feast that lasts up to 7 days. This fest is usually conducted amidst Kohima's scenic vistas in December each year. Nagaland's state government conducts it to exhibit the skills of distinct multi-ethnic tribes residing in Nagaland. It is a renowned platform that brings together the upcoming artists and Northeast bands while allowing them to interact with musicians from India's different parts.

3. Magnetic Fields Festival In Rajasthan

Magnetic Fields Festival Rajasthan

Conducted within Shekhawati, Rajasthan's royal Alsisar Mahal, Magnetic Fields is a magnificent three-day musical festival conducted amidst the grand golden triangle created by Delhi, Jaipur, and Bikaner. The stunning music festival is conducted in December. Magnetic Fields is now recognized as a boutique festival, over the years all over India. This music festival aims to promote fresh sounds in India while offering them an opportunity to enter the music industry. The platform can pitch fresh sounds with music legends.

4. Ziro Music Festival In Arunachal Pradesh

Ziro Music Festival Arunachal Pradesh

Launched in 2012, the Ziro festival is held in September within Ziro valley at a high altitude of 5,500 feet. One of India's most inspiring music festivals, it allures myriad tourists from all over the globe fond of backdrops filled with pine trees and beautiful mountains. Ziro festival aims to inspire fellowship between musicians located throughout Northeast India. The Ziro festival serves as a platform where artists can interact with each other. Arunachal Pradesh's stunning location serves as an ideal setting for promoting an eco-friendly and friendly event like this one,

5. Desert Festival In Jaisalmer