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bollywood celebrities favourite holiday destinations

Bollywood Celebrities & their Favourite Holiday Destinations

Who does not like to recharge their mental batteries and go on a vacay, taking a break from daily life? The same is true for Bollywood celebrities and their love for their favorite holiday destinations, who year-long, busy in their tight schedules work tirelessly and need a break to re-energize and come back with a bang on performance their fans. Also, as fans, don't those perfectly crafted pictures posted on their social media make us wish to visit that same place even once in our life?

So be with us to know more of such awesome destinations that perfectly fit the bucket list of your travel goals.

1. Ranveer Singh – Switzerland

Ranveer Singh – Switzerland


The man famous for his bold and quirky style and his energy is a traveler by heart. He embraces the places he visits like no other, and we can't deny that we love that thing about him and his royal choices. Don't we?

Ranveer's favorite destination to spend his vacation is the land full of mountainscapes, with snow-covered landscapes and giant peaks. With the coolest breeze blowing here to chill your senses out, a full-length coat is a must to keep yourself safe without compromising your style.

2. Priyanka Chopra Jonas- Tuscany, Italy

Priyanka Chopra Jonas- Tuscany, Italy


Priyanka, who has charmed the whole of Bollywood and Hollywood with her beauty and talent, becoming an inspiration for many, also shares a love for travel just like us. The beauty of Tuscany has captured our versatile, multi-talented desi girl's heart as she loves to escape from her hectic life by spending her days in the lap of this beautiful place. After all, with all the achievements and the hard work she put in in each of her projects, vacations are a much-deserved escape from everyday life.

Tuscany is one of the ethereal places, regarded as one of the most romantic destinations in the world, is famous as the greatest repository of art in the wood and its over-the-top countryside and rustic life.

3. Salman Khan and Shah Rukh Khan – Dubai, UAE