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10 Best Beaches In Gokarna To Make The Most Of Your Trip

Fondly known for its peaceful and pristine beaches, Gokarna is also blessed with religious Hindu temples. The swaying palm trees, splashes of water, and sandy coastlines with rocks are a treat for the eyes. In Gokarna, there are several water activities to keep you entertained such as swimming, trekking, snorkeling, boating, and many other fun water sports. To take a break from the hustle and bustle of daily life, the beaches in Gokarna are an ideal spot. If you are looking for adventure activities or a relaxing vacation amid nature with delicious food then Gokarna is the place for you.

Read about the 10 best beaches in Gokarna to make your vacation an enjoyable one. 

1. Om Beach

beaches in gokarna - Om Beach

A piece of heaven for locals and tourists alike, Om Beach is shaped like the sacred ‘Om’ symbol in the Devanagari script. Om Beach is perfect for those looking for peace and tranquillity. Whether you are looking for a lazy vacation or a family picnic spot, this long sandy beach with sparkling water and an amazing backdrop will never disappoint you. You can enjoy a bumpy banana ride, stroll along the beach, or go on a beachside trek. A paradise for tourists, Om Beach has a lot of local stalls and cafes that offer local delicacies and delectable seafood.

2. Gokarna Beach

Gokarna Beach

Located close to another famous attraction, Mahabaleshwara Temple, Gokarna Beach is undoubtedly one of the most popular beaches here. Other than the alluring beauty, the beach is also famous for its trekking site and surfing. There is a plethora of fun water sports and activities at the beach to make the most out of your trip. To witness the captivating sights of the ocean and the hill, Gokarna Beach is the place for you.

3. Nirvana Beach

Boats at Nirvana Beach in Gokarna

A famous beach in Gokarna, Nirvana Beach is a hidden gem amidst paradisiacal settings of nature. The best thing about this beach is that not many travelers come here and it is still pretty much unexplored. Make sure you enter the water as per the lifeguard’s instructions because this beach has strong water currents and a long shoreline. It is an ideal beach for spending a lazy day under the sun.

4. Half-moon Beach

An image of Half moon beach in Gokarna

What makes this beach a sight to behold? The scenery of lush green forest forming the background of the Arabian ocean! Half-moon Beach is a popular tourist beach near Gokarna, which resembles the shape of a half-moon. It is ideal for spending some quality time with your friends and family as it is very peaceful and less commercialized. The captivating views and tranquil settings make it one of the best beaches in Gokarna.

5. Kudle Beach

beaches in gokarna - Kudle Beach

Certainly the most famous beach in Gokarna, Kudle Beach is a long stretch of shining blue water and fine sand. Unexploited and unlike other beach bodies, Kudle is nestled between towering hillocks. It is one of the best places to be in Gokarna for those looking for peace and solitude. You can admire the blissful surroundings and magnificent views of sunsets while relaxing at the beach.

6. Paradise Beach

Paradise Beach, Gokarna

With utmost brilliance, this stunning beach justifies its name. Covered with rocks and golden sand, Paradise Beach is known as the ‘Full Moon Beach’. To reach this picturesque beach in Gokarna, you will have to trek down from the half-moon beach or take a boat from Om Beach. Away from the bustling city, it is an ideal place for those seeking solace under the sun. The noise of waves crashing against the rocks soothes your mind, body, and soul.

7. Small Hell Beach

Small Hell beach, Gokarna

Unlike its name, this beach is a heaven on earth. Small Hell Beach will mesmerize you to the core with its entrancing charm. With crystal clear blue waters, golden sand, and calm surroundings, Small Hell Beach is one of the best beaches in Gokarna. One of the cleanest beaches in the region, this beach is unspoiled without much human interference. You can enjoy camping under the blue sky or indulge in nature photography.

8. Baada Beach

Baada Beach, Gokarna

A famous beach to see near Gokarna, Baada Beach is located a little far from the main city. Surrounded by hills on two sides, it is famous as the cleanest beach in the region. It remains less crowded than other beaches in Gokarna, and it has a serene environment and a picturesque background. While relishing the natural beauty, you can spend quality time with your friends and family.

9. Belekan Beach

Belekan Beach Gokarna

Belekan Beach is a wondrous beach to visit near Gokarna, which will amaze you with its dazzling charm. Untouched and peaceful, it is one of the remotest beaches in the region. To reach here, you will have to take a boat from Gokarna Beach. The tranquil environment and playful settings will take over your senses as soon as you set foot on the beach. Make sure to get the contact details of your boat rider as a boat ride is the only way to commute in and around the beach.

10. Alvekodi Beach