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A truly amazing place to experience the raw beauty of nature, Gokarna is replete with palm trees, beautiful seas, vast skies and the golden sands of beaches, but that doesn’t mean it's all there to Gokarna. Yes, it also acts as a pilgrimage site for many - a great deluge of devotees flock here yearly to pay their respects and offer prayers in the temples essentially seeking salvation. With its perfect shorelines and really amazing scenes, Gokarna comes across as an incredible Hindu town in Karnataka. 

Why You Should Visit Gokarna

There are two major reasons to visit Gokarna - one is its pristine beaches and the other one is its temples. It is the kind of place which can mean a whole bunch of things to different people coming from different backgrounds. The beaches and the somewhat hippie lifestyle of Gokarna comes in stark contrast to its devotional side. Thus, people who are looking for a melange of happiness and sacredness must travel to this beautiful place. 

History of Gokarna

The word ‘Gokarna’ means cow’s ears. As per the legends, it is believed that Lord Shiva had emerged out of a cow’s ear. Here cow is being referred to as Mother Earth. This exact geographical point is believed to be situated at the confluence of the Gangavali and Agnashini rivers. 

The place Gokarna has also been mentioned in the Bhagavata Purana as home to the brothers Gokarna and Dhundhakari. 

Another short anecdote states that once Lord Brahma sat in immense tapa to redeem himself from the curse of Lord Shiva. It was then, Lord Shiva appeared before him, arising out of the ears of a cow. And thus, the place was named as Gokarna. 

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If one more mythological statement is to be believed then, the sixth Avatar of Lord Vishnu, Lord Parshurama had created Kerala from Gokarna to Kanyakumari.  

Places to Visit in and Around Gokarna

Om Beach. Gokarna is an incredible destination majorly famous for its beaches. And shaped as two semi-crescents joining with each other, Om Beach is an unskippable travel getaway to explore. On an annual basis, this beach attracts hundreds of tourists. 

Kudle Beach. Situated at a few minutes walk from Om Beach, Kudle beach is all about traversing on the warm sands with someone you love. That someone can be your friend, parents or your better-half. And the presence of kiosk and eateries nearby makes it all the more fun.

Things to do in and Around Gokarna

Visit Gokarna Beach. It is nice to feel the soothing sand beneath your feet and warm air ruffling your hair.  And this is exactly what Gokarna Beach promises the tourists with. 

Go for Shopping. It is a good place to shop around. You might end up having some really special souvenirs for your family and loved ones.

Paradise Beach. Also known as Plage Paradisso, this beach is located at Chunnambar which is nearby the town of Pondicherry. It is a little isolated beach and to reach here you might need to take ferries to this place. 

Events and Festivals in & Around Gokarna

Shiva Ratri. A great Hindu festival, Shiva Ratri is all about celebrating Lord Shiva in all his might and spiritual significance. Shiva Ratri is celebrated with great pomp and show and devotees participate with full enthusiasm. The pilgrims and devotees chant hymns in praise of Shiva. It is truly worth witnessing phenomenon. 

Gokarna Beach Trekking & Camping. The moderate amount of trekking here brings you some of the most cherishing moments that you can wish for! The trip includes delicious food, modes of transportation and accommodation as well.

Best time to Visit Gokarna

The best time to visit Gokarna would be from the months of June to August. During this time, the overall weather is quite warm and pleasant with average temperatures going up to 32 degrees.

Food and Clothing of Gokarna, Karnataka

When it comes to travelling and exploring around, Gokarna does fulfill all your expectations! Along with amazing culture and tourists spots what you are bound to like about this region is its food and clothing style as well. Talking about the food, some of the popular dishes here include neer dosa, kori gassi, Mysore masala dosa, allugedda. Coming on the clothing, the men here like to wear angavastram and panche which is more like a dhoti. And the women here like to wear saree. The famous clothing material for saree includes Arani silk, Kora silks, Patola sarees. 

How to Reach Gokarna

By Air. The Dabolim airport situated at Goa is the nearest airport. This airport has been quite well connected with other cities like Delhi, Pune, Mumbai, Chandigarh. After deboarding the flight you still need to further cover an approximate distance of around 150 km. For this, you can hire a cab or take a bus to Vasco da Gama bus station. There is also train connectivity from the airport to Gokarna.   

By Road.  Gokarna is well connected with road network to other cities. You can easily find buses from nearby cities like Mangalore, Bangalore, etc. You can also travel via your own vehicle traversing the roads and enjoying with your pals. From Delhi, Pune, Mumbai, Bangalore you would need to cover a distance of around 1,976 km, 636 km, 2,212 km, 686 km. 

By Train. The nearest railway station is situated in Ankola at a distance of around 20-22 km. But being a small station it is not connected with every major Indian city. However, there are certain trains like the Matsyagandha Express which halt at Gokarna itself. So, in that case, travelling via this route makes the whole travelling experience very easy.

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