Margao Crafts Festival

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Margao, Goa

27°C / Rain

Organized by the G.H.R.S.S.I.D.C. (Goa Handicrafts, Rural, and Small Scale Industries Development Corporation) with the support of Kalashree Mahila Mandal, the Margao Crafts Festival is a must-experience for any art lover. It is quite a popular fair or you can even say more of an exhibition happening in Margao, Goa and due to its cool vibes doesn’t fail to attract a great number of people, both local and foreign tourists. 

The Margao Crafts Festival usually happens at a place called Costa Ground in the state where one gets to see the diverse talent of several Indian craftsmen and artisans along with the overall condition of Goan handicrafts and art culture.  

Major Attractions of Margao Crafts Festival

1. Shobha Yatra

This fair of Goa is generally commenced by initiating the Shobha Yatra. As the name suggests, it is a procession wherein the folk dancers of Goa actively perform increasing the overall vibrant charm of the Margao Crafts Festival by manifolds. The fair also sees more than 100 stalls allotted to the local craftsmen for free. The purpose of taking this step by the authorities is to augment and bring the local artisans into the limelight.

2. Cultural Events and Workshops

The Margao Crafts Festival is filled with various cultural activities, musical performances, workshops, and competitions. Thus, if you are someone who loves actively participating in these events and programs then, you will find this fair in Goa to be an absolutely brilliant experience. The fair is attended by all sorts of government officials, artists. Several top-notch artists who are renowned for their creative contribution globally also perform here.

How to Reach 

To reach Margao also known as Madgaon, you will need to cover a total distance of about 1,897, 607, 2,197, 583 km from Indian cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, and Bengaluru respectively. Check out the following details on how you can reach Margao. 

By Air

Deboard at the Dabolim Airport (GOI) situated 25-30 km away. The airport is fairly well-connected with other Indian cities via direct and connecting flights. From the airport, board a taxi to reach here. 

  • From Delhi - Board IndiGo, AirAsia flights from Delhi Airport. The airfares start from INR 3,000-4,000

  • From Goa - Book AirAsia, IndiGo, Spicejet flights from Goa Airport. The airfares start from INR 7,000-8,000

By Train

You can deboard at the Margao Train Station (MAO) aka Madgaon Railway Station. Located on the Konkan Railway Route, this station is well-routed with other Indian cities. Once off the station, consider booking a cab to reach your location. 

By Road

Depending upon your physical location, you can also travel via roadways to reach Margao. The motorable highways are well-maintained and connected with other regions. You can easily book a bus online or even a taxi (depending on your convenience) to reach here. Otherwise, you can also travel by your own car. 

  • From Panaji - 30-40 km via NH66

  • From Amboli - 113 km via NH66

  • From Dandeli - 119 km via NH748

You can plan your trip and create your own route to the city with Adotrip’s technically driven circuit planner. Click here.

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