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Goa, undoubtedly, is more of a party and fun place but that surely does not mean that there are no pilgrimage sites in Goa. Shri Mangeshi Temple in Goa is one such place and is considered as one of the most significant spots for pilgrims and at the same is also a tourist attraction for people pouring in from various parts of the world.

The temple is located in Mangeshi village and is apparently one of the wealthiest and largest Hindu shrines of the state. The temple has an old tale of Lord Shiva and Parvati because of which it got its name. The temple is around 21 km away from the capital city of the state and is situated in North Goa.

Shri Mangeshi Temple has been dedicated to Bhagwan Mangesh who is also revered as one of the reincarnations of Lord Shiva. Legend has it that once Lord Shiva had transformed himself into a tiger to scare his beloved wife Goddess Parvati. And when Goddess Parvati saw the Tiger, she was quite scared and went in search of Lord Shiva crying out ‘Trahi Mam Girisha’ which over time diluted down to Manguirisha or Manguesh.

History of Shri Mangeshi Temple 

Shri Mangeshi Temple traces its roots back to the Kushasthali in Cortalim - an adorable village which was invaded by the Portuguese in 1543. And around 1560, when the Portuguese started the conversions for the Christians, the locals moved the Mangesh Linga from its original site to Kushasthali on the river banks of Aghanashini where it is presently located in the village of Atrunja Taluka.

Since it was transferred to this village, it has gone for renovation work twice. First time during the reign of the Marathas and the second time during 1890. And recently, the last renovation was done in 1973 when specifically a Golden Kalasha was fitted at the top of the temple premise.

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It is said that the oldest structure was quite simple in its built and architectural style. The current structure was built in a more adept way only during the Maratha rule. However, just after the structure was built, this area fell into the hands of Portuguese rulers.

Why You Should Visit Shri Mangeshi Temple 

If you like travelling to unique places then this temple is going to be a good choice. This spot offers an incredible mix of Goa’s charming feel along with the spiritual reverence of a significant temple spot.

Top Attractions in the Mangeshi Temple

Deepstambha. Visit the temple and appreciate the amazing seven-storeyed lamp tower The Deepstambha sited in the temple complex is surrounded by the beautiful water body. It is believed to be the oldest part of the temple. When lighted with diyas, the aura of this spot is a sin to be missed.

Khandepar Cave Temples. These are located in Ponda Taluk on the banks of Kandepar river. It is believed that these caves were built around the 12th century and were discovered in 1970. For any history lover, these caves are a very nice option to explore.

Things to Do near Shri Mangeshi Temple

Bondla Wildlife Sanctuary. Here, the tourists get to explore some of the most unique species of animals at this sanctuary.

Cansaulim Beach. This is perhaps one of the most amazing options to go with if you want to chill and unwind. It is just the kind of spot where you would love to click some cool pictures and make some unforgettable memories.

Majorda Beach. The overall aura of this beach is quite calm and serene and perhaps this is one factor which makes this beach come across as one of the best sites to spend the quality time with your loved ones.

Best Time to Visit Shri Mangeshi Temple

January to December is the best time to visit the temple as the weather remains quite comfortable for taking a stroll in and around the temple.

Famous Food and Clothing of Goa 

The people living in Goa are commonly referred to as Goans. Generally, the people of Goa like to wear some really colourful and bright clothing. But still, the women here prefer to wear a 9-yard Sari and Pano Bhaju along with traditional jewellery. The men, especially the fishermen, can be seen carrying bright shirts and half pants. And the traditional attire which the tribal people wear is Kashti that is basically a loincloth along with a blanket on their shoulders, also known as ‘Kunbi Palloo’. Coming on to the food, the people of Goa consider eating fish curry and rice. The food here is a brilliant mix of Konkani, Brazilian and Portuguese styled cuisine.

How to Reach Shri Mangeshi Temple

By Air. The nearest airport is situated in Dabolim which is located at an approximate distance of 25-30 kilometres from Panaji. It has very good connectivity with other domestic flights as well as good international connectivity. You can easily reach here from some of the major cities like Delhi, Pune, Kolkata etc.

By Road. Travelling to Goa via road is the kind of experience that every millennial looks forward to. And this place has very good connectivity via roads. Apart from that, you can also opt for bus service. The nearest bus stand is the Kadamba bus stand located in Panaji.

By Train. The nearest railway station is located in Margao. This railway station which is known as Madgaon and Vasco da Gama are well linked with Mumbai and other cities in the country.

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