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Ashwem Arossim Beach is what one imagines a beach to be picturesque, pristine, sparsely crowded, and more. The beach is located to the north of Morjim, in the Pernem taluka in North Goa. It is a sandy beach about 21 km long, beginning at Mapusa and ending at Panaji. It is nothing like a regular sea beach- there is a limited number of shacks and commercial shops trying to woo visitors. The beach is mostly less crowded, and the pretty and serene Ashwem Arossim Beach is walkable.

Beauty of Ashwem Arossim Beach

Lined by palm trees, the slightly rocky beach is a sight of cleanliness combining a stretch of gold and white sand. If you love secluded beaches and wish to immerse yourself in the majestic beauty of the sea, this is the place for you. The place offers the perfect intermingling of natural beauty and serene calmness, so tourists prefer it for family picnics. Swimming and water sports are the favorite pastimes here, and the Christmas Eve night party is difficult to miss.

Best Time to Visit Ashwem Arossim Beach

The best time to visit Ashwem Arossim Beach is between September to March since the weather is extremely friendly for sightseeing. The summers can be damp and hot, therefore, not advised for a visit.

Major Attractions of Ashwem Arossim Beach

If you are looking for a serene and calm environment with cool ocean breeze gently caressing your face, Ashwem Arossim Beach is the best place to be. After exploring this amazing beach, visitors can also check out nearby attractions. Let us have a look.

1. Baga Beach

One of the key attractions in and around Ashwem Arossim Beach is the famed Baga Beach. It is one of the fascinating places in Goa, especially if you love water sports. The beach is also a hotspot for fine-dining, clubs, bars, and endless restaurants. Some of the top water sporting activities here include wakeboarding, parasailing, jet-skiing, and kite surfing. The nightlife here is awesome and unparalleled. The popular Tito’s Lane is known for some of the best country’s highly rated bars and clubs. The other special aspect of Baga Beach is the indoor snow park here.

2. Mandrem Beach

One important place to include in your Ashwem Arossim Beach travel plans is Mandrem Beach. It is also a clean beach, in fact, one of the cleanest. Lined by several shacks and food joints, you can visit the beach to fulfill your gourmet desires. Being an uncrowded beach, there is ample space to relax, walk, or indulge in yoga and meditation.

3. The Banana Surf School

At Ashwem & Arossim Beach, you can stop over at the Banana Surf School and indulge in some gleeful surfing activities. The school is popularly known for teaching surfing to newbies. The place is home to some credible instructors, and you can rent surfing equipment too to experience the true joys of water surfing.

4. Chapora Fort

The ancient Fort was built on the banks of the Chapora river in Bardez. The place boasts of rich history, and if you are interested in getting down to its origin, a visit to this place can be planned during your Ashwem Arossim Beach tour plan. The beauty of the Fort is also no less attractive, the grounds being a popular trekking spot for those who love adventure.

5. Morjai Temple

This temple located in the Permum district has impeccable art and architecture to showcase to the public. The art is mostly known for its ancient Kaavi art.

6. Harmai Beach

It is a secluded beach, hidden almost in the sand curve of north Goa. If you wish to indulge in water sports like swimming and waterboarding, this is the place to live your dream. You can hire a bus, or auto, or rent a bike to reach the beach from Ashwem Arossim.

7. Arambol Mountain

At a short distance from Ashwem Beach is Arambol Mountain. It is indeed a peaceful retreat where you can catch the amazing sight of the sunrise or the sunset. It is ideal for a family picnic.

How To Reach Ashwem Arossim Beach

AshwemArossim is one of the unheard beaches in North Goa. With an area of 1736 sq km, the district of North Goa is surrounded by Sindhudurg and Kolhapur districts of Maharashtra. Belgaum in Karnataka and the Arabian Sea also bound the district from the eastern and western sides. Reaching here is very easy as Goa is well-connected with major national and international cities through rail, road, and air transport.
Ashwem beach is located 33 km from Panaji and 21 km from Mapusa. The distance between Ashwem and Arossim beaches is about 57 km. The Arossim beach is to the south of the Velsao beach, while Ashwem beach is between Morjim and Mandrem beaches.
North Goa is about a distance of 1,911.8 km from Delhi, 577.8 km from Mumbai, and 575.3 km from Bangalore. You can reach Ashwem Arossim beach by air, road and train, let's see how.

  • Nearest Airport- Dabolim Airport
  • Nearest City- Panaji
  • Distance From Panaji- 33 KM
  • Distance From Goa Airport- 56.4 KM

By Air

Air travel to North Goa is the best and the fastest way to reach the beach. The flights land at the Dabolim Airport (GOI) in Goa. The airport is an international airport and operated by the AAI Airport Authority of India). The airport is 30 km from the capital city, Panjim, the state capital. In 2019-20, the airport saw about 8.36 million passengers landing and departing from here. From the airport, the beach is about 22 km. Youa can hire a taxi to reach the beach from the airport. Different airlines connect major cities like Delhi, Mumbai, and Bangalore to North Goa.

By Train

To visit Ashwem Arossim Beach in North Goa, you can take the train. Goa has a series of railway junctions connected with the rest of the country. The prime railway junctions are Vasco-da-Gama and Madgaon. Of the two, Madgaon or Margaon is the closest to the beach.

  • Distance from Madgaon Railway Station - 62.5 KM
  • Distance from Vasco Da Gama Railway Station- 54.4 KM

The train routes from some of the major cities in India have been mentioned here:

1. Delhi The Mao NZM Rak Spl train starts from Nizamuddin in Delhi and reaches Madgaon Junction after one day and four and a half hours. The other train options from Delhi include TVC NZM EXP, Goa Express, TVC NZM Express, and KCVL YNRK Spl.

2. Mumbai the MAO Festival Spl train starts from CSMT and takes 11 hours 40 minutes to reach Madgaon. Other trains from Mumbai include UBL Festival Spl, TEN festival Spl, Mys Festival Spl, and more.

3. Bangalore the YPR VASCO Exp starts from YPR and takes about 14 hours 45 minutes to reach Madgaon. The other trains from Bangalore include YPR VSG Exp, MAS Vasco Exp, and VLNK VSG Exp.

By Road

Reaching Ashwem Arossim Beach in North Goa via road can be time-consuming but extremely enjoyable because of the encompassing scenic beauty of the places you cross.

These are the routes that connect North Goa from the metro cities in India:

Distance from major cities

  • Delhi 1,889 km via NH52 and NH48
  • Mumbai - 524 km via NH66
  • Pune - 415 km via NH48
  • Bangalore 412 km via NH48
  • Latur - 532 km via NH361
  • Hubli - 213 km via NH48

FAQs Related to Ashwem Arossim Beach

Ques 1- What city is Ashwem Beach in?
- Ashwem Beach is a beautiful secret hidden in North Goa.

Ques 2- Is Ashwem Beach safe to travel?
- Yes, Ashwem Beach is completely safe to travel. Many states have lifted Covid restrictions and are open for tourists. Goa is one of the states that is welcoming tourists with specific Covid protocols in place.

Ques 3. Are there flights available from different Indian cities to Goa to reach Ashwem Beach?
Ans. Yes, there are flights to Goa from different Indian cities.

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