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Situated at the southernmost tip of the Indian peninsula, Kanyakumari is a seaside town in the state of Tamil Nadu. Prior known as Cape Comorin, Kanyakumari is encompassed by mountains and flanked by dynamic ocean shores, lined with paddy fields and coconut trees, and furthermore, revels of stylish lifted patches of hills with undulating valleys and fields in the middle of the ocean and the hilly territory.

From ancient times, Kanyakumari has been one of the significant destinations of religion, architecture, and culture. Acclaimed for being the main place in India where you can watch the sunrise and the sunset at a similar shoreline, Kanyakumari, India is an extremely famous visitor’s destination due to its one of a kind topographical marvel, as well as on account of its unblemished shorelines and additionally, its sanctuaries and houses of worship which pull in a colossal number of tourists to this city throughout the entire year.

Places to visit in Kanyakumari

Thirparappu Falls

If you want to enjoy a quick water bath then this is the kind of place which you must absolutely visit. However, it is also known quite a dangerous place to visit and explore. But not for adventure seekers as it is not less than a heaven for them.

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Vivekananda Rock Memorial

The Vivekananda Rock Memorial is quite an amazing place to explore especially for the people who are spiritually inclined. As the name suggests this place was constructed in the honour of the great sage Swami Vivekananda. It is situated in Vavathurai, Kanyakumari. Standing on only a single rock this place is about 500 metres away from India’s southern-most tip.

Things to do in Kanyakumari

Kumari Amman Temple

The Kumari Amman Temple is one of the most amazing places which should be on your must-visit travel list. The spiritual significance of this place is really vibrant and offers an amazing spiritual charm to the devotees.

Lord Subramanya Temple

The Lord Subramanya Temple is quite an amazing place where you will be discovering an amazing vibe. For people who are spiritually inclined, this place is no less than heaven to explore and discover. Moreover, the never-ending pillars which you get to see in this place offer a very charming vibe.

Courtallam Falls

The Courtallam falls is simply an amazing place which you should definitely visit. Especially the children will be liking this place owing to the liveliness which place carries.

Events and festivals in & around Kanyakumari

Yelagiri Summer Festival

However, the Yelagiri festival is not quite popular among the people in a very magnetic way but it is celebrated with great enthusiasm and zeal. Moreover, here you can witness hundreds of people such as farmers, craftsmen which visit this place to particularly showcase their overall produce. Read More..

Tamil New Year

On Tamil New Year people greet each other and visit each other houses in a very enthusiastic manner. This festival is taken as an opportunity to spend time with their family. On the day of this festival, people clean up their houses and decorate the shrines with a number of auspicious items to offer their prayers. Read More..

Mahamaham Festival

This festival is celebrated every 12 years in the Mahamaham pond. And isn’t this quite interesting to know that a festival is celebrated only once every 12 years. This festival is celebrated in the town of Kumbakonam. Read More..

Best time to visit Kanyakumari

One of the best times to visit Kanyakumari is from October to March. This time is quite great for sightseeing and exploring things around.

How to reach Kanyakumari? 

Thiruvananthapuram (Trivandrum)  is an airport that is established in the nearby location in Kerala. One can take a trip from Thiruvananthapuram (Trivandrum) international airport to Kanyakumari. It is very well connected to the different major cities in India like Chennai, Kochi, Bangalore, Bombay, New Delhi, Kolkata and so forth. Buses are available from Thiruvananthapuram (Trivandrum) and even long distances are also available.

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