Tamil Nadu, the most beautiful wonder of nature, is always on top when it comes to amazing tourists with something unique and spectacular! It also hosts impressive International fiestas in line with its glorious cultural fests! One such fantastic event is The Tamil Nadu International Balloon Festival, a stage that shows a vast plethora of vibrant balloons. This event is around the corner, with preparations well under-way. Unlike the aircraft, flying high in a hot air balloon is far more peaceful and calming. People who wish to experience heights in the most exciting and sophisticated way should participate in this phenomenal event in Coimbatore. 

This festival is gracefully organised in the Coimbatore district of Tamil Nadu, wherein you can savour the thrill of witnessing the grand hot-air balloons lining high in the sky. In this glorious event, you can see the balloons from different parts of the world, with a majority from Spain, Vietnam, France, Canada, Belgium, Thailand, The United Kingdom, Brazil,  and the Netherlands. What a sight, I must say! Surely, witnessing this event will be a golden moment you will never forget. 

So mates, scroll down quickly to discover some notable details about this incredible event! 

Date and Venue of the Tamil Nadu International Balloon Festival 

The Tamil Nadu International Balloon Festival(TNIBF) will be held from 13th January- 15th January 2023 in the Sakthi Mills Ground, Jeevanagar, in Pollachi town of Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu

Major Attractions of the Tamil Nadu International Balloon Festival 

This fantastic balloon festival in Tamil Nadu, TNIBF, will be held in the month of January and is being organised by the Global Media Box in collaboration with the State Tourism Department.

1. Balloon Rides. All balloon enthusiasts are cordially invited to this event to discover about and participate in the excitement of hot air ballooning. At this festival, first-timers will have the most amazing experiences of their lives!

2. Music Concerts. This event will enthral you, to the core, music enthusiasts. Here, a full-on carnival spirit can be felt, along with some exhilarating rhythms from the Kerala-based music group and great fusion music by Rajhesh Vaidya.

3. Kids Fun Zones. You may find a variety of amusing stalls where your kids can entertain themselves to keep them busy. They may play various entertaining and exciting games during the event with other kids.

4. Cultural Performances.  Tamil Nadu's event wouldn't be complete without a fantastic performance show. Several talented and professional dancers will be performing along with the bands, making this an event to remember forever.

5. Games. There will be gaming booths available for everyone during the event where you may test your skill, adding an exciting touch to the proceedings. Play the games and strive to win in each round you take part in.

Important Instructions For The TNIBF 2023

Here are some instructions that have to be followed by everyone who will be a part of The Tamil Nadu International Balloon Festival in Coimbatore

  • All individuals over 12 are needed to buy their passes. 
  • All the passes, including the VIP ones, are NON-REFUNDABLE. 
  • The event is from 13-15 January. Therefore, it is mandatory to buy separate passes for all three days.
  • Entry Opens at Noon for everyone, and the event will close by 10 PM each day. 
  • Any person/individual with unruly/disrespectful behaviour may be denied admittance at the organiser’s discretion without refund or compensation. 
  • Due to inclement weather, hazardous conditions, or other factors outside their reasonable control, the organiser may postpone, halt, suspend, or cancel the event.
  • The organiser can use the visitor’s appearance or image in any live or recorded video display or picture taken at the event. 
  • It is mandatory for every pass holder to fully cooperate with the security check for any prohibited items like weapons, explosives, or recording devices. 
  • Since it is a balloon festival, the timings may vary according to wind flow and weather conditions.
  • Without prior notice, the Promoter may change stated Programs, event times, seating arrangements, and audience capacity, as well as add, remove, or substitute performers.

NOTE: The Gold and Silver passes are valid for complete balloon carnival zones, which also include seating/seats for Music Concerts and are not valid for Food, Beverages, and games at the event.

How To Reach Tamil Nadu For TNIBF 2023

The Pollachi town of Coimbatore is well-settled, pristine, and picturesque! The positivism of this place will eventually leave you feeling hypnotised. This splendid place can be easily reached by diverse modes of transportation- Air, Train, and Land. To reach Pollachi, you need to get your way to Coimbatore first. This is how you can reach the hot air balloon Coimbatore event! 

  • Nearest Major City.  Tiruppur
  • Nearest Airport.  Coimbatore International Airport
  • Nearest Railway Station. Podanur Junction Railway station 
  • Distance from Tiruppur. 40 Km

By Air 

Pollachi can be easily reached via the Coimbatore International Airport. Book a cab or hire any other form of public transport to reach the venue. 

  •  Distance from Coimbatore International Airport. 49.3 Km

By Train 

Pollachi can be easily accessed through the railway station. All you need to do is hire a public vehicle on arrival at the venue. 

  • Distance from Podanur Junction Railway Station. 38.2 km

By Road 

 Pollachi is well-connected via roads and national highways. People can also visit Pollachi by their own cars or any other mode of land vehicle. Here is the distance of the venue from nearby major cities. 

  • Distance from Tiruppur. 40 Km
  • Distance from Thrissur. 101 Km
  • Distance from Dindigul. 126 Km 
  • Distance from Kozhikode. 136 Km
  • Distance from Kochi. 142 Km
  • Distance from Salem. 146 Km
  • Distance from Mysore. 150 Km
  • Distance from Tumkur. 261.5
  • Distance from Tirunelveli. 263.8 Km

An excellent amusement package awaits all the thrill-seekers at Coimbatore! Book your tickets with Adotrip and lock in the unlimited fun, dance, music, and more. Take your loved ones along and make infinite memories. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Tamil Nadu International Balloon Festival 2023

Q1. Where is the Tamil Nadu International Balloon Festival?
A1.  The Tamil Nadu International Balloon Festival will take place in Pollachi town of Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu. It will be a mega hot-air balloon event. 

Q2. When will be the Tamil Nadu International Balloon Festival?
A2. The Tamil Nadu International Balloon Festival will be held from 13th- 15th January in 2023. People from all over the world will come and enjoy this incredible event. 

Q3. What is the Ticket Price of the TNIBF?
A3. The entry is free of cost. If you wish to ride a hot-air balloon, the price starts at 14K per person.  

Q4. What are the things to do at the Tamil Nadu International Balloon Festival?
A4. You will be getting to see several colourful hot-air balloons dotting the skyline. You can enjoy the food, music, dance, game stalls, and much more at the event. 

Q.5 Are there direct flights to Coimbatore from the Major Indian city for TNIBF?
Yes, there are direct flights to Coimbatore from several major Indian cities. Coimbatore is well connected to other parts of the country by air. Some of the major cities that have direct flights to Coimbatore include:


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