The thought of driving on a beach sounds very exhilarating but experiencing the same in reality is even more thrilling! If the thought excites you then this place can be your next vacation spot. All you need to do is head towards Kannur District in Kerala to witness a beautiful and the longest drive-in beach in Asia - Muzappilangad Beach. 

The stretch of this beach is about 4 km long and driving on it along the waves is a fruitful experience in itself. For this, one has to pay a fee to take the vehicle on the beach shore which is not more than Rs 50. After which, all that is left for anyone is to enjoy and drive along the shore till sunset. You can also experience water sports too, such as parasailing, powerboating, and catamaran ride here.    

For the unversed, Muzappilangad Beach is considered as the longest drive-in beach of Asia which is featured among the top 6 best beaches by BBC for driving in the world. Apart from this, the white sands, the gentle waves, the calm & soothing sky, the food, and the resorts are some good reasons to visit and enjoy this place. 

Major Attractions in and Around Muzappilangad Beach 

1. Dharmadam Island. It is a nearby travel attraction where tourists come to admire the tranquil ambience of this tiny island. People say that the journey to this place is filled with dolphin encounters. Such encounters with dolphins and seeing them for what they are - absolutely adorable creatures - is bound to delight you.

2. Sree Koormba Temple. It is another most visited sight and also the highlight of the Muzappilangad village. Every year, in the month of March a three-day festival is held in the temple where a grand procession takes place in the village. Witnessing this scenario is no less than an utter delight to experience.  

3. Driving. One cannot drive a car on a beach shore because the sand at most beaches is not firm and tyres sink in the sand, but that’s not the case with Muzappilangad Beach. So if during your stay here, you are heading out for a sunbath at a beach don’t forget to take your car along!    

4. Swimming. You can safely swim along the shore of Muzappilangad beach as the solid rocks obstruct the deep currents from reaching the shore. Good news for the swimmers out there, isn't it?  

5. Local Cuisine. You will find a lot of stalls selling snacks around the beach. They serve you with freshly prepared Malabarian cuisines and fish snacks as well.  

How to Reach Muzappilangad Beach 

Considered as the cleanest beaches of Kannur, this beach is truly one of the most prolific travel getaways to explore the city. To travel here, you will need to cover a total distance of about 2,352, 1,064, 2,267, 313 km from  Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, and Bengaluru respectively. Check out the travel details on how you can reach here by the following means of public transportation. 

By Air. The nearest airport to Muzappilangad beach is Kozhikode or Calicut International Airport (CCJ), situated about 102 km away. The airport is considered to be the 11th busiest airports on PAN India level due to a huge footfall of passengers. On February 2nd 2006, the airport was given the status of an international airport. It has good flight connectivity with nearby cities with major carriers operating to and fro at a good frequency. After deboarding your flight you would need to take the local transport such as state buses or taxis to reach the beach. 

  • From Bengaluru - Board IndiGo flights from Bengaluru Airport. The airfares start from INR 5,000
  • From Delhi - Board IndiGo, AirAsia flights from Delhi Airport. The airfares start from INR 6,000

By Rail. The nearest railway station to Muzappilangad beach is the Kannur Railway Station which is located at a distance of around 15km away. One can take local transport to reach the beach. It is operated by the Southern Railways of the Indian Railways and has overall good train connectivity with other cities and towns. From the station, book a taxi or some other means of public transportation to reach here. 

By Road. Travelling by road is a great idea but only if you have enough time to travel for long hours. While on the road you get to witness the exotic green landscapes in the journey to admire. The overall connectivity via road networks towards this region is quite good. The roads are motorable thus, you can plan a trip here by booking bus tickets or booking a cab online. Otherwise, you can also take your own vehicle as per your comfort and travel budget. 

  • From Payannur - 51 km via NH66
  • From Kozhikode - 79 km via NH66
  • From Ooty - 219 km via NH181

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