Payyanur is a small town and a municipality in the Kannur district which is located in the beautiful state of Kerala. The town is situated on the banks of the Perumba river. This beautiful town is one of the ancient civilized places in the state of Kerala. The name of the place was kept after the name of Lord Subramanya and it is known for many interesting things like astrology, art forms like Theyyam and Poorakkali; and also for historical monuments which are definitely some key attractions of Payyanur. 

Best Time to Visit Payyanur

The months between October to March are the best time to visit Payyanur. The overall climate is quite pleasant specifically in these months. Visiting in summer is not a great idea because the hot and humid weather will not let you enjoy and explore the place to the fullest.  

History of Payyanur

Payyanur is known to be an ancient civilization of Kerala. Many archaeological remains that are found in the nearby cities and places also confirm the claim about Payyanur and thus make people more inquisitive about it. Besides the archaeological proofs, the place also finds its mention in mythological texts like Brahmand Purana wherein Garga Muni can be found quoting the place to Pandavas during their exile. Payyanur also finds references in many travel accounts of famous travelers like Ibn Batuta and Marco Polo. 

In the 13th and 14th centuries, the Chettiar community resided here and it had a great influence on the local culture and cuisine that is still evident in the life of the local people of Payyanur. By the end of the 18th century, the place came under the control of the British East India Company and later the British rule. Even after a decade of India’s independence, Payyanur remained a part of the Malabar district. In 1957, when Kerala was formed, Payyanur was made a part of the Kannur district of Kerala.       

In addition to the historical and natural beauty, Payyanur is also popular for Theyyam that is one of the main events that happen here. Other than that, there are many festivals and small rituals that take place in nearby temples and towns.

Places To Visit In Payyanur

Payyanur is a beautiful destination to explore in Kerala. It is considered one of the best tourist places in Kerala. Here's the list of the Payyanur tourist places you can explore on your trip!

1. Sree Subramanya Swami Temple

The Sree Subramanya Swami Temple is one of the most ancient and largest temples present in Kerala that is dedicated to Subrahmanya Swamy. An interesting thing to know about this temple is that it was established even before the Kaliyuga was started. Locals believe that Lord Vishnu disguised as a saint and came to consecrate the temple. 

2. Rajarajeswara Temple

This is a Shiva temple which is located at Taliparamba in the Kannur district of Kerala, South India. An interesting and hard-to-believe fact about the temple is that the top of this temple has a weight of about 90 tonnes. And here you can always find a throng of people visiting this temple and offering their prayers. Legends have it that the temple was renovated by Sage Parshurama before the advent of Kalyuga. 

3. Meenkulam Sree Krishna Temple

This temple is again one of the most charming temples carrying a very majestic spiritual aura. You can always find flocks of devotees across this place. This Sree Krishna temple is located in Olayambadi village in the Kannur district. 

4. Kavvayi Islands

The Kavvayi Islands are a bunch of natural unexplored islands in Kerala. The islands are connected to Payyanur through a bridge over the Kavvayi river. Visiting this place will simply charm you with its exotic views. 

5. V-Pra Kayyal Floating Park

The V-Pra Kayyal Floating Park is a water park that is quite beautifully constructed and is situated on the top of the Vayalapra Kayal. The park is one of the most beautiful places in the Kannur district that attracts locals and tourists alike. 

6. St. Angelo Fort

St. Angelo Fort is a visual delight when it comes to some of the most interesting places to travel to in Kerala. The construction of this wooden fort started in 1505 and after the construction was completed a stone fort started building at the same site. 

How to Reach Payyanur 

Payyanur is a place that has cultural and historical significance along with many naturally alluring sighs to admire that will make you fall for this place at first glance. You are required to travel roughly 2,400, 1,000, 2,200, and 330km from Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, and Bengaluru, respectively. In case you are planning a visit to Payyanur, then listed below travel modes and routes can be considered for a comfortable and budget-friendly trip.  

By Air

There is no airport in Payyanur. However, to visit this place by air, you can catch a flight to Mangalore International Airport (IXE) aka Bajpe Airport, located in Mangalore. From the airport, one is required to travel another 115 km to reach this town via taxi or a bus. The airport receives direct and connecting flights from all the major cities such as Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, and Bengaluru. Airlines like GoAir, IndiGo, Air India, and SpiceJet, run connecting and non-stop flights from Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, and Bengaluru, respectively.    

Here is a list of Indian cities from where flights are available to Payyanur

By Train

Payyanur is well connected with other major cities through rail routes thus, it would be easy for you to travel to this place via train journey. You have to deboard the train at Payyanur station to explore the major tourist attractions in the town. From the station, one can take the locally available public transportation to reach the desired location in town. 

  • Coimbatore - Board MAS MAQ SF EXP from Coimbatore Jn and deboard at Payyanur station

By Road

You may also consider traveling by state-run/private inter-state and intra-state tourist buses to reach Payyanur. Seats in these tourist buses can be reserved at different prices depending upon the services you opt for. Tourists may also drive to the town in their vehicles as well. The highways and the byways will also be an opportunity for you to experience the countryside life and scenic vistas en route to Payyanur. 

  • Mysuru - 200 km via Thalaserry-Mysore Road
  • Coimbatore -  300 km via Kozhikode-Malappuram-Palakkad Highway and NH 66
  • Bengaluru - 330 km via Mysore Road
  • Mangalore - 110 km via NH 66 

Frequently Asked Questions about Payyanur

Q. Where is Payyanur located?
A. Payyanur is a town in the Kannur district of Kerala.

Q. What are some popular tourist attractions in Payyanur?
A. Some popular tourist attractions in Payyanur include Sri Subrahmanya Swami Temple, Madiyan Kulom temple, Kottiyoor Mahadeva Temple, Aralam Wildlife Sanctuary, and Payyambalam Beach.

You can plan your trip and create your own route to the city with Adotrip’s technically driven circuit planner. Click here.


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