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Pulikali is one of the most fascinating and fun-filled festivals of Kerala. You would not be able to resist being a part of it once you see and hear about the charm of it. It is an enjoyable festival which takes place in the districts of Palghat and Trichur. It is a distinct kind of celebration where people get merge in a group of 3 or 4 and the perform on loud music depicting some or the other animal or creature wearing their costumes.

The festival undoubtedly attracts a huge audience from the entire state as well as public from neighboring regions. It is a famous form of art Kaduvaakali. It is a very colorful and happy form of art which brings life to the entire place. It happens on the fourth day of Onam at the Swaraj Ground most of the time. So, without thinking much, just grab the opportunity and enjoy to the fullest.

Major Attractions of Pulikali

Pulikali is a folk art of the state of Kerala. The art means “play of the tigers” and the dance performed by the dancers in the costume of tigers is extremely interesting and fun to watch.

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The bodies and faces are painted to look like tigers. It is quite a task to do the make-up and hence it is intriguing to see it.

The theme of the performance of the festival is based on a hunter wielding a gun and the Tigers playing hide and seek.

How to reach Pulikali?

The festival majorly takes place in Thrissur and the nearest railway station to reach is about a kilometre in Thrissur itself. The nearest railway station is in Cochin which is about 58 kms from the city. 

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    14 September 2019

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