Kovalam is very famous for its beachside destination weddings and spectacular vistas of nature. Visting here, you will not just fall in love with the wonderful natural views but this travel getaway has many more highlighting features to keep you hooked. Kovalam is equally known for its exciting new year celebrations, lakes, and water sports, ancient ayurvedic massages and many other things. Due to its uniqueness, this destination is now perpetually flocked with tourists who come here to bask in the beauty of the unending waters and spotless skies.

For those who are still asking why to visit Kovalam, there is every reason to plan a trip to this refreshing place in Kerala. Not just you will be able to make some ever-lasting memories with your loved ones, but also explore the rawness of this vast creation. It is a great Instagrammable spot where you can click some really cool pictures. And it also gives you a chance to skip the chaos of city life and breathe calmness to your heart's content.

Months from November to February are great to visit Kovalam as this is the time of the year when the overall temperature is quite pleasant and is good for travelling around. If you wish to avoid hot and humid climatic conditions then you have to drop the idea of travelling here in summer and monsoon months. 

History of Kovalam 

Kovalam came to limelight in the 1920s when the Maharani Sethu Lakshmi Bayi of Travancore built Halcyon Castle here. After this, the place got popularised as a good vacation destination. Later many hippy travellers also resided here for some time. After India gained independence, Kovalam got developed as a tourist destination and people from all parts of the country started visiting.   

Major Attractions in and Around Kovalam

1. Light House Beach

The lighthouse beach is one of the best places to visit in Kovalam and also one of the most crowded ones. The height of this lighthouse is around 30 meters in length. People climb 140 stairs of the lighthouse to witness the spellbinding views of this beauty of nature.

2. Hawah Beach

Hawah Beach is one of the most amazing tourist destinations to visit in Kovalam. This place is somewhat less crowded as compared to other destinations in Kovalam and is definitely worth visiting. The beach is also known as Eve’s Beach. More so because this place looks absolutely stunning during the dawning and dusking hours.

3. Karamana River

Originating from the southern part of the Sahyadri range this place is definitely one of the most attractive tourist destinations to visit in Kovalam, Kerala. The Karamana river covers the outskirts of Kovalam which goes by the name of Karmana and thus the river is also named Karamana. The main cause due to which the tourists visit this destination is to enjoy boating in its picturesque ambience, amidst the sunset!

4. Sightseeing Tour

Needless to say that Kovalam has got a very cool bunch of tourist attractions and destinations. If you are planning on a sightseeing tour then you should consider to particularly roam around the city and explore sites such as Lighthouse beach, Hawa beach, Samudra beach, and the Karamana River.

5. Houseboat

There is no doubt in the fact that floating on the peaceful backwaters which have a picturesque rustic backdrop under the starlit sky is something that every traveller craves for! And you can experience this stunning feeling and ambience here in Kovalam. 

6. Catamaran Ride

If you want to know the must-do thing in Kovalam then, you should consider going on a Catamaran ride. This exciting ride on a wooden boat among moderately high tides can be an adventurous experience. If you are in Kovalam then you should definitely plan to go boating at Vellayani Lake as here you can enjoy the stunning views of the spectacular natural beauty. 

How to Reach Kovalam

Kovalam is one of the most interesting cities situated on the map of Kerala. If you want to know what’s so interesting and charming about this majestic city then you will have to cover a total distance of about 2,900, 1,724, 2,456, 724 km from metropolitan cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, and Bengaluru respectively and find it out for yourself. Check out the details on how you can travel here by the following means of transportation.

By Air

The Trivandrum International Airport (TRV) is the nearest airport situated 10-15 km away. The airport was established in 1932 and is considered to be the first airport situated in the state of Kerala and the fifth international airport on PAN India level. In the year 2018-19, Trivandrum Airport handled more than a whopping 4.4 million passengers. In terms of flight connectivity, the airport is well-connected to nearby cities and states with several carriers operating to and fro at a good frequency. Once you deboard at the airport, consider booking a taxi or some other means of local transportation to reach your desired destination. 

  • From Amritsar - Board IndiGo, Air India, Vistara flights from Amritsar Airport. The airfares start from INR 7,000 - INR 8,000
  • From Jaipur - Board Air India, IndiGo flights from Jaipur Airport. The airfares start from INR 6,000 - INR 7,000
  • From Coimbatore - Board IndiGo flights from Coimbatore Airport. The airfares start from INR 8,000 -INR 9,000

By Rail

Trivandrum Central Railway Station (TVC) is the nearest station located at a distance of about 12 km from Kovalam. It is the largest railway station in Kerala and also sees perhaps the most amount of passenger movement annually, thus generating the highest revenue as well. It has good connectivity with nearby cities and towns. And once you get off the station, hire a taxi or travel on a bus to reach the desired location in town.   

By Road

If you are planning to visit Kovalam by road then you may travel by inter-state tourist buses or as per your budget you can also hire private luxury buses to travel here that run between the states. However, if travelling on a bus doesn’t suit you at all, then, you can also consider travelling by taxi or self-drive here.

  • From Kochi - 212 km via NH66
  • From Madurai - 303 km via NH44
  • From Alappuzha - 159 km via NH66

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