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A much anticipating festival of Mylapore, Chennai which is celebrated for the penance of Parvati and 63 deities. It is large festival which includes thousands of people witnessing and celebrating the festival from Chennai and outside. The 63 deities are honoured in the most ancient temple which dates back to 400 years back.

Kapaleeswharar Temple is the one which is the home of 63 idols of Nayanmars which are then taken out on a ride on the streets on Mylapore and then offered with flowers and fruits. The scenario is absolutely mesmerizing as the people walk with those idols on the streets celebrating their devotion and penance at the same time. The festival also includes a lot of cultural programs, folk dances and a popular puppet show. One should definitely not miss the chance of exploring the beauty of the city plus the experience of this extravagant fiesta.

Major attractions of Aurbathimoovar Festival

  • A colourful procession on the streets of Mylapore with the 63 idols who are taken on the streets with hundreds of devotees who walk along with the idols.
  • The 63 saints of Lord Shiva are honoured for leading a well-reputed and devoted life.
  • The houses and the streets are beautifully decorated by Kolams. People offer flowers and fruits to the deities.
  • The celebrations are continued with folk dances and performances to mark the happiness and glory of the festival.

How to reach Aurbathimoovar Festival?

The festival is celebrated on a large scale in Mylapore. Mylapore is hardly 13 km from the Chennai airport. People can easily connect to the Chennai airport from anywhere in India or even from outside India. Mambalam is the nearest railway station which is about 5 km and is connected to many major cities of India.

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  • 13 Days

  • Traditional

  • Tamil Nadu
  • Festival Date

    26 March 2020 - 07 April 2020

  • Venue

    Kapaleeswharar Temple

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