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Situated at the Valmiki Nagar in Chennai, Breezy Beach aka Thiruvanmiyur Beach is one of the prominent holiday spot that attracts a number of locals as well as tourists. The beach holds the position of being more highly rated as compared to rest ones due to its cleanliness. It is well-connected with the city and easily accessible. The sound and calm environment are enough to hold the soul. Those looking for an amiable, refreshing and breezy place to chill out and have fun, the Breezy beach of Chennai is the place to be.

Top Attractions in Breezy Beach

Pancha Rathas. Pancha Ratha, also known as Pandava Rathas, holds a beautiful Indian rock-cut architecture while leaving a tranquil atmosphere for peace lovers. The five structures are chiselled with the shape of Rathas or chariots.

Varaha Cave Temple. The Varaha Cave Temple is located at the Mahabalipuram Monuments. There are also other monuments in this heritage site one can look for. The cave temple is well-sculpted with the lion shape.

Ashtalakshmi Temple. The temple is situated in the Basant Nagar, Chennai. The temple has got the eight forms of deity Lakshmi. Also, the fine architecture is enticing to the eyes.

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Things to Do in Breezy Beach

Burma Bazaar. Burma Bazaar is one of the popular markets that is conducted by Burmese refugees. It is one of the oldest bazaars that was established in 1969.

Food Scene. Apart from delicious street food at Breezy Beach, there are also some famous restaurants that aids with regional, national, and international cuisines.

Best Time to Visit Breezy Beach

Avoiding the humid atmosphere in summers, you can choose to visit the place in winters from October-February.

How to Reach Breezy Beach?

The place is easily accessible from anywhere in the city. The nearby railway station is Chennai Egmore Station in Chennai. It is one of the four intercity railway stations in the city.

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