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Pondicherry has got huge diversity and there are so many cultures which flow through this small piece of land. Where French is one influential culture, Tamil is another as it is the closest state to the place. Therefore, this festival is celebrated with more of Tamil beliefs and culture. it is a festival which is celebrated in the month of Mashi as per the Tamil calendar and the deities are worshipped when devotees take a dip in the holy waters. Seeing people perform unique and different customs is always a great experience and that is why this festival invites a lot of people from around the country to see and know more about the distinct way of life of Pondicherry.

Major attractions of Masi Magam

The processions of deities from the temples of Pondicherry to the holy rivers where a ceremonial bath of the deities is performed.

The huge gatherings of people and devotees who witness or participate in the procession is a treat.

How to reach Masi Magam?

The nearest railway head to Puducherry is in Villupuram which is about 35 km from the place. It is well-connected from some of the major cities like New Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai etc. The Puducherry airport is mainly connected to Bangalore and Hyderabad only. People can access Chennai airport as well which is just 135 km from the town.

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    08 March 2020

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