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Top 10 Water parks in India To Beat The Summer Heat

As temperatures start soaring, the need to make a splash in cool, refreshing water is strongly felt. In India, the summer season coincides with almost month-long vacations for school-going kids. Plans to visit some of the best water parks in India are made, and there is a sudden surge in crowds making a beeline for these parks. India boasts of some of the best waterparks in the world that are at par with global recreational centers. Kids and adults enjoy visiting these parks where they can enjoy the wave pool, enjoy roller coaster rides, and generally have loads of fun with friends and family. Here, we bring you the list of the ten best water parks in India that are worth visiting. 

List Of 10 Best Water Parks In India To Beat The Summer Heat

Beat the scorching summer heat with a plan to visit the best water park in India. If you cannot take a leave, plan a visit on the weekend and allow yourself to relax, rejuvenate, and recharge your batteries. You will soon find your stress levels going down, leaving you feeling at ease and relaxed.

  • Adlabs Aquamagica
  • Water Kingdom
  • Wonder La, Bengaluru
  • Wonder La, Kochi
  • Appughar Or Oysters, Gurgaon
  • World Of Wonder (WoW)
  • Queens Land
  • GRS Fantasy Park
  • Ocean Park
  • Fun 'N' Food Village
  • Wet n Joy Waterpark, Lonavala

1. Adlabs Aquamagica

Adlabs Aquamagica, water parks in india

One of the best waterparks in India, Adlabs Aquamagica, is located off the Mumbai-Pune Expressway. It is one of the most entertaining places for families who love spending time together, enjoying various interesting and exciting activities. This water park's features that make it stand apart from other similar properties are high drop and fall rides. Although many thrilling water slides and rides will keep your adrenaline pumping, a ride in Boomerangoo is altogether a different story. Shooting up high on the ride and falling back gives a sense of weightlessness to the rider. Visitors also love enjoying lazy rides, Loopy Woopy, Wacky Waves, Twisty Turvy, Splash, and Swirl Whirl, all of which help you handle the summer heat.

Operational Hours - 10:30 AM- 6 PM

2. Water Kingdom

Water Kingdom, Best water parks in india

It is the biggest water park in India, the Mother of all water parks in the country. It is truly a kingdom of popular and unique water rides, slides, and entertainment. A perfect place to wash away your stress, enjoy a visit to this water park located in Borivali, Mumbai. Enjoy an adventurous drop at 40 miles per hour speed from a 7-storey slide and come out feeling refreshed. Others who are not in a mood for this thrilling adventure can enjoy walking on sprinklers, splashing water, relaxing, and lazing around Mamma-Miya and Coco Beach. You can groove on the beats of foot-tapping music while enjoying rain dance. You cannot miss out on the biggest play pool in India, The Lagoon, and the largest wave pool that is sprawled across the vast expanse of 100 meters. 

Operational Hours - 10 AM- 8 PM

3. Wonder La, Bengaluru

Wonder La in Bangalore, Famous water parks in india

It is tough to skip a visit to Wonder La, one of the best-themed amusement parks on Mysore Road, Bengaluru. When it gets too hot to handle, make a beeline to Wonder La and enjoy some of the best water and land rides. Kids love fun programs like the Adventures of Chikku and Rain Disco and keep enjoying the After Hours. There is so much to see, enjoy, and participate in this park. It is for this reason, people of all ages love visiting this park. 

Operational Hours - 11 AM- 8 PM

4. Wonder La, Kochi

Wonder La Water Park in Kochi

Kochi also boasts of having a branch of Wonder La in its city. Locals love visiting the park that brings them an amazing range of water and land rides. They can look forward to enjoying unending fun on the beach like wave pools, watery coasters, lazy river, rain disco, Boomerang, and a lot more. People who love thrill and adventure must not miss out on Wavy & Vertical Fall glides that take them from a 6-storey tall slide to a mind-numbing drop. There is so much to enjoy that spending even the whole day seems not enough.

Operational Hours - 11 AM- 6:30 PM

5. Appughar or Oysters, Gurgaon

Appughar or Oysters Water Park in Gurgaon

Gurgaon is home to one of the most entertaining amusement and themed parks, Appughar. It is also popular as Oysters. Visiting this park is a great stress-buster. Here, you will find an amazing array of water-based attractions and activities that is perfect to forget about sticky and scorchy summers. Do not miss checking out OMG or Oh My Gurgaon, a popular water ride that will leave you feeling fascinated and perked up when visiting this park. This ride gives you a thrilling experience of plummeting from a height of 20 m at 60 km per hour speed. Have loads of fun with your friends and family at this park!

Operational Hours - 11 AM- 6 PM

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6. World of Wonder (WoW)

World of Wonder Water Park

Residents of NCR cannot miss out on visiting World of Wonder or WOW and enjoy father of thrilling rides at this theme park. Whether you would like to take on the badass summer and take a dip in cool waters or enjoy some hair-raising land rides, it has all for people of all ages. The whole day can be amazingly entertaining for the visitors. Start with taking a plunge into a large pool and then enjoy a series of water rides that will keep you thoroughly entertained. Do not miss checking out Turbo Tunnel and Rapid Race when visiting this lovely entertainment park in Noida.

Operational Hours - 10:30 AM- 7 PM

7. Queens Land

Queens Land Water Park in Chennai

Who hasn't heard of Queens Land in Chennai? It is one of the best water parks in India, offering an amazing range of fun-filled activities and rides. Kids and adults love exploring amazing entertaining rides like Roller Coaster, Free Fall Tower, Simulation Theater, Cable Car, Bumper Cars, Himalayan Water Ride, Ventura River, American Wave Pool, Boating, and a lot more. Its location on Chennai-Bengaluru Trunk Road makes it easily accessible. Plan a day out with your friends and enjoy the whole day on some of the most thrilling rides. 

Operational Hours - 9:30 AM- 8:30 PM

8. GRS Fantasy Park