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Top 10 Churches In India | You Must Visit In 2024

"India," the motherland which speaks diverse dialects and has been ruled by eminent empires in the chronicle era, recalls its past promenade via splendid edifices or infrastructural sprawls in the current scenario. The golden bird, a hub of traditional and cultural values that influences contemporary world citizens to date, has fortified its roots through beautifully embellished churches adorned in every city and town. The churches in India have left an indelible mark across the country.

The arrival of British, Dutch, French, and Portuguese led to the emergence of colonial culture, due to which numerous impeccable churches were established. If you think that all churches appear to be the same, you must read on to explore the famous churches in India to comprehend the real meaning of sheer beauty. The churches of British Raj rule are still known for their stunning looks and chic design crafted by proficient toilers. People visit these churches in India to find a sense of peace and serenity.

So, if you also desire to visit a church to experience a sense of peace washing over you, here is a well-curated list of famous churches in India.

Now let's get a glimpse of the top 10 famous churches in India. Let us find out more about its significance and what makes them truly distinctive.

1. Basilica of Bom Jesus, Goa

A side photo of Basilica of Bom Jesus Church in Goa

The Basilica of Bom Jesus is the most famous church in India, established in Old Goa. This historical destination is filled with the crowd because of its scenic beauty and exceptional infrastructural architecture. The church can grab the attention, due to which annually millions of visitors visit to get a glimpse of this church in India from across the globe. Now UNESCO World Heritage Site, the "Borea Jezuchi Bajilika" holds St. Francis Xavier (Jesuits or one of the co-founders of the Jesus Society) mummified remains which are perceived to possess enigmatic healing power. The church was sanctified in 1605, and its baroque-style architecture is a sight to behold. It is further perceived as the most ancient breathtaking church in India. Your travel journey is squandering if you excluded a wondrous sight.

2. Santa Cruz Basilica, Kerala

A front photo of Santa Cruz Basilica Church in Kerala

This church in India was established in 1505 by Francisco de Almeida at Fort Kochi in Kerala. Later, John Paul II Pope declared Basilica in 1984. The Portuguese created the original infrastructure. History has exhibited that this immaculate church faced spared demolition numerous times. The church edifice is structuralized in Gothic architecture format, which makes it an extraordinary church in India. Its significant presence and spiritual aura enlighten its visitors every time they arrive. Its interior is well-rugged and embellished with art pieces brushed by an Italian painter named Fra Antonio Moscheni, S.J.  

3. Reis Magos Church, Goa

Reis Magos Church in Goa

Another captivating and the biggest church in India is situated in Reis Magos village of North Goa district resting on the banks of Mandovi river. In 1555 Franciscan Friars led to the emergence of this Portuguese-styled church. It is further recognized as the Three Magi Kings, which implies it is a devoted church in the country where devotees enjoy and celebrate the feast of three pure and pious men every year. A white memorial standing tall amongst a village mesmerizes people by unfolding ancient Portuguese dominance. The rule is still carved on the walls.

4. St. Francis Church, Kerala

St. Francis Church in Kerala

The St. Francis Church is one of India's oldest and largest churches developed in 1503. The Portuguese built this European church to demonstrate the historic and cultural implication by recalling silent witnesses Indians against European dominance. During that era, this church also served as a cremation destination for the Vasco De Gama (a Portuguese explorer) who left this world in 1524. After 40 years, his remains were shifted to Lisbon. A well-furnished magnificent monument, the site is traveled by millions of devotees everywhere with the hope of getting their wishes fulfilled. It was a simple church, but later it was revamped by the Britishers.

5. Velankanni Church, Tamil Nadu

Velankanni Church In Tamil Nadu

Velankanni Church, or the church of our lady of good health, is welcomed as the Lourdes of the East and located in the small coastal town of Velankanni, as the name implies. This church is well-renowned across the globe because only a few churches are adorned with the massive and elegant sculpture and image of Mother Mary in a traditional ethnic saree representing the hybrid of different cultures and ethnicity. This church in India is further identified as the largest church in India because of its gigantic catholic pilgrimage image in the nation. During the 16th Century, the church was developed in gothic style, and in 1962 it received the Basilica status from Pope John XXIII.

6. St. Catherine Church

Churches in India, St. Catherine Church

This church is also recognized as St. Catherine Church, established in Old Goa. It has been reputed nationally and internationally due to its stunning antediluvian appearance, which leaves an everlasting impact on its viewers. In 1619, the Portuguese implemented Manueline architecture design to depict their cultural symbolism; this church was specifically formulated to highlight Catherine of Alexandria and numerous residential illustrations. Besides this, the church prescribes the historical event in which the Muslim army was victimized by the Portuguese commemorating in 1510. The Se Catherine Church is also known as the "Golden Bell," which is the largest in India.

7. San Thome Basilica, Tamil Nadu

San Thome Basilica In Tamil Nadu

A Roman Catholic Basilica was constructed in 16th Century in Santhome, Chennai, over the apostle of Jesus' tomb named St. Thomas. In 1893, Britishers revamped the church in a neo-gothic architect, which brothers in the 19th Century adopted. A celebrated site that pleases the eyes of visitors through its unbeatable and unrivaled beauty. The cathedral stands of 201 feet and seamless paintings make it a national shrine.

8. Shimla Christ Church

Churches In India - Shimla Christ Church

The serenity and the scenic beauty of Shimla act like icing on the cake. The Shimla church is an ideal destination for devotees during Christmas because snowfall on the eve and hill station look is a dream come true for those traveling addicts. It is the oldest church in the northern region of India, and this church was established after 11 years. Now numerous people visit to experience the joy through watching neo-gothic architecture style.

9. St. John in the Wilderness Church, Dharamshala