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Varkala Beach Kerala

Varkala Beach - Backpacking to embrace the hidden fun and end this month with a bang

The seaside town of Varkala is the best explorer hangout and spot to chill for tourists in the tropical South Indian state of Kerala. Varkala is really a sanctuary town, the Janardhana Temple, famous with Indian pilgrims, submerges one end of the beach, the sandy part of beach turns well-known with travelers while the immense red cliffs overwhelm sea views, eateries, shops, and a genuine traveler scene.

Top Things to enjoy in Varkala

Varkala, a spot for chilling than doing though explorers can appreciate both here.

The beach under the cliff is well known to travelers – it's fine to sunbath, swim and furthermore roam in a bikini here.

Relax with a wide range of yoga, massages and other healings accessible. Simply walk along the cliff top and take your pick, however, Kerala is the home of Ayurveda and while you are in Kerala try to get a traditional Ayurveda massage.

Open doors for adventure

Swimming in the ocean is an experience in itself! In fact, Varkala has the absolute greatest, curliest waves in the entire of India, which makes it simply ideal for surfing and surf riding.

Shopping until you are dropping

Aside from the typical hippy tourist clothes (which are splendid), there's additionally a gigantic Tibetan impact here with Tibetan handicrafts, silks and singing bowls available to purchase.

The best dishes to eat

Because of the huge number of Western tourists, you can find all way of foods in Varkala. Anything goes from pizza and pasta to Chinese sweet and sour, the actual superstar is clearly the Indian food. If you are the non-vegetarian, then, don’t miss the little softly spiced browned chicken bits presented with cool raita. Divine!

In case, you're visiting India and need to include some beach time into your schedule, I’d prescribe Varkala Beach! For me, it's a lot more relaxed than Goa and the ideal spot to unwind toward the end of your day trip.

--- Published By  Gagan Sharma

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