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7 Best Shopping Festivals Around The World For The Shopaholic In You

To become a part of a huge mass and celebrate a significant historical or spiritual event is the very core of the human spirit. With time, communities developed gatherings to fulfill the purpose of an important day or occurrence. Hence, we have so many festivals and events that are different from one another but are great tools to bring us all together to celebrate life.

But, someone among us wasn’t satisfied with all the celebrations and came up with the stunning idea of shopping festivals. If your best friend is a credit card and if the concept of baggage limits is a conspiracy to you, then you should surely attend these festivals and satisfy your shopaholic needs.

Here Are The 7 Best Shopping Festivals Around The World

Keep reading and check out all the destinations where you can swipe your credit card to realize your dream shopping spree.

1. Great Singapore Sale

The Great Singapore Sale or GSS was started 20 years ago by the retailers association of Singapore to stimulate tourism in the country. During the shopping sale, Singapore turns into a battleground of shoppers. GSS is the biggest shopping festival in Asia and is filled with heavy discounts that will make you jump over the best deals. 

Marina Bay, Orchard Road, and Paragon Mall are some of the best places to sharpen your bargaining chops. If you get tired of bargaining and shopping then you can relax and regain energy at the spas and wellness clinics around the Sentosa area. Besides, that one can also explore the top tourist attractions in Singapore.

2. Dubai Shopping Festival

The favorite celebration of the shopaholics, Dubai Shopping Festival or DSF gets bigger and better each year. A month-long shopping bonanza, DSF is held every year in the colder months of December and January. Brimming with malls and open bazaars on the streets cater to each and every brand on sale. 

The opening ceremony of DSF is an extravagant event in itself and a sight to behold as vibrant fireworks cover the skies of a long stretch starting from Dubai Creek and Business Area till the Shindagha area.

Street performances, traditional dances, and exquisite cuisines are part of the biggest shopping festival to entertain the crowds. The major attraction of the shoppers’ festival in Dubai is the live raffles where you can win the real gold if you are lucky enough.

3. Honk Kong Shopping Festival

Honk Kong Shopping Festival is held between the months of June and August. Dates may change but if you visit Hong Kong in mid-June, then you can experience the peak shopping season. Shoppers have to struggle to make their way to shops and malls as Hong Kong receives a massive number of shopaholics in the region. 

To make sure that every shopper gets his/her chance to grab the best deals, the store owners open their stores for a little longer than usual.

If you have no bar on your budget then you should take aim at the luxury malls like Landmark, the IFC Mall, the Pacific Place, and others to get your hands on the supercool stuff. And if you are tight on the budget then stick to the Tung Chung area.

4. Cannes Shopping Festival