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Taking place in the Hindu month of Magh (February) Jaisalmer Desert Festival is set among the beautiful sand dunes of Thar desert. The aura of this event feels like a nice blend of something between romantic and pure.  

It is like saying that the month of February, during this event, gets a certain sense of life with lots of songs, dance, bright colours in Thar desert. The Jaisalmer Desert Festival happens for a period of about three days and is celebrated with the right tinge of desi Rajasthani enthusiasm. Celebrated amid the ancient havelis and forts, this event is quite a satisfying experience for the tourists. 

This festival was mainly founded with a vision to introduce people, especially international tourists, to the Rajasthani culture. And it is perhaps owing to the Rajasthani culture’s fascinating traits that all the events see full attendance during these three days. In 2021, Desert Festival will take place around February 7 to 9.

History of Desert Festival

According to the legends, once upon a time, Lord Krishna told Arjuna that one of his successors will be responsible for setting up his kingdom on the hill named Trikuta. And then, as it is believed, in 1196, the prediction came true when the king named Rawal Jaiswal established his kingdom in Jaisalmer. For this, grand celebrations were organized throughout the kingdom. And soon, these celebrations were converted and are now celebrated as the popular festival of Rajasthan, Desert Festival. 

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Major Attractions of Desert Festival Celebrations

1. The Preparations. The preparations for this event start a few days before. Musicians, dancers, and performers from all over Rajasthan can be seen arriving in colourful camel caravans which head to Jaisalmer. And with the arrival of these artists, a delightful series of various programs begin in and around Jaisalmer.

2. A Mix of Fun and Frolic. When it comes to fun, then the Jaisalmer Desert Festival is truly an excellent mix of jugglery performances, folk dance forms, fire dances, and exciting contests like Mr Desert. As this festival is all about the Rajasthani heritage, one can also discover various shopping options such as rugs, carvings on wood and stone, camel decorations and so much more. The evenings of this festival are essentially meant for music and dance which vibrate in desert drums and can be heard for miles. 

How to Reach

Jaisalmer is the kind of place which is all about knowing and exploring the essence of Indian culture. Travelling here can be a lifetime experience for anyone. From Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata and Bengaluru this place is located at a distance of 782 km, 1,066 km, 2,088 km and 2,028 km respectively. Let’s discuss how you can reach here via the following routes.

By Air. Jaisalmer has its own airport of the same name. However, it is not well connected with other cities. This airport which has a single runway of 9,000 feet operates six days in a week to cities like Mumbai, Jaipur, Surat, Jodhpur. In the current timeline, only Spicejet along with Truejet airlines are the main airline service providers.

It is believed that Zoomair and IndiGo would soon be starting their services to this place. Apart from Jaisalmer Airport, the most recommended airport to visit here is Jodhpur Airport which is located at an approx distance of 280 km.

Jodhpur Aiport (JDH) is majorly a civil enclave airport operated upon by the Airport Authority of India. In 2017, the local government had signed an MOU with Indian Air Force regarding its expansion. Many airlines like Spicejet, Vistara, Air India, IndiGo operate to and fro providing good overall connectivity.

After deboarding at Jodhpur airport, you would further need to cover the remaining distance via bus, train or a cab. A bus from this location can cost you around Rs.400-700. Taking a train will also cost pretty much the same.

By Road. Jaisalmer has good road connectivity with other Indian cities via road networks. Here's how you can reach there from different places.

  1. From Delhi, you will need to cover a total distance of 782 km via NH11
  2. From Bikaner, you will need to cover 331 km via NH11 or Phalsund Jaisalmer Road
  3. From Agra, you will need to cover 795 km via NH48 or Bikaner-Agra Road
  4. From Jaipur, you will need to cover 555 km via NH11.

You can also consider travelling to Jaisalmer via interstate buses. Buses of RSTRC (Rajasthan State Travel Road Corporation) operate to and fro nearby cities at affordable prices.   

By Train. Jaisalmer has its own train station of the same name. It has about three platforms and a total of five railway tracks. Some major trains which run to and fro this particular station are Ranikhet Express, Jaisalmer-Jodhpur Express, Jaisalmer-Lalgarh Express and a few more.

From places like Jaipur, you can board Runicha Express via Jaipur Junction. From Delhi, you can board Ranikhet Express or Runicha Express via New Delhi Railway Station. After deboarding at the station, you will have to cover the remaining distance via a cab or auto to reach your destination. 

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  • 3 Days

  • Dance & Music

  • Rajasthan
  • Event date

    07 February 2021 - 09 February 2021

  • Venue

    Jaisalmer fort

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