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Rajasthan is one of the most majestic states in India. This magnificent city is home to the most colorful towns, beautiful handicrafts, and amazing experiences. It is also famous for its royal ruins such as grand palaces and forts. Resting gloriously on the top of the wonderful city of Jodhpur lies Mehrangarh Fort, a spectacular sight that will leave you speechless. Being one of the most prestigious forts in the entirety of India, this fort was built in the year 1460. 

At present, tourists usually spend an entire day just to discover the beauty of this masterpiece. It also consists of a captivating museum internally, beautiful gardens, and culturally significant events. 

There is so much more to Mehrangarh Fort than just an enlightening tour. The fact that the fort consists of several palaces internally, such as The Pearl Palace (Moti Mahal), The Flower Palace (Phool Mahal), and The Mirror Palace (Sheesh Mahal) gives enthusiastic tourists every reason to visit here. Moreover, this site is well-loved by children because of the fact that the famous movie The Dark Night Rises was captured here.  

Best Time to Visit Mehrangarh Fort Rajasthan

Mehrangarh Fort is most definitely best visited in the winter months of October right up to March. It is during this season that the weather is pleasant to tour around and discover the fort in all its glory. Furthermore, you will also be able to relish the international festivals happening at this time of the year.

History of Mehrangarh Fort Rajasthan 

The most fascinating part of Mehrangarh Fort is that it is located in the Rock Mountains. The fort was created during the reign of King Rao Jodha, in the year 1460. The name of the fort originated from Mehr and Garh which translates to The Sun and Fort respectively.

The dynasty known as Rathore had a strong faith in the God of the Suns. Furthermore, it was constructed upon the mountain of the birds and is well barricaded by tough walls known to stand firm during the furious battles of the past, and now observed by scars. Despite all of this, the structure still remains intact. 

There exist several concepts and ideas regarding the creation of this glorious fort. History states that an abstinent that lived near the hills was angry at King Jodha who bothered him.  Cursing him, the former said that the Fort would encounter drought and disaster. In order to prevent this, King Jodha offered several sacrifices of humans.

Some people believe that there were four people who were sacrificed, at each corner of the glorious fort. Others believe that someone by the name of Mehran was murdered. Local guides, as well as others, offer great tales about several incidents that occurred at this fort. 

Major Attractions in and Around Mehrangarh Fort Rajasthan 

1. Sky-high Adventures

At Mehrangarh Fort, every enthusiastic tourist gets a chance to fly sky high. There are 6 zip lines and every tourist stands a lucky chance to participate.  The price per head of this adventure is dependent on the number of zips the tourist opts for. If you are adventurous, don’t forget to stop by this spot. The views will definitely leave you mesmerized.

2. The Mirror Palace

Also known as Sheesh Mahal, this is a palace beautified with indefinite glasswork. There exists a tiny opening from where the beautifully carved structures can be observed since this chamber remains closed for the public. Further, the walls of this palace consist of marvelous paintings of our great country’s mythology.

3. The Flower Palace

Also known as Phool Mahal, this palace used to be a private place for the royal men to celebrate their parties. The walls are complete with stunning paintings which display the royal family in all its splendor. The palace is very colorful and gives tourists a lot of positive vibes. The splendor is observed from every part of the palace from top to bottom.

4. The Famous Jhanki Mahal

Queens and little princesses often came here to see the proceedings of the court of royalty from the windows. The interior is designed in a beautiful blue color. 

5. The Ancient Mehrangarh Fort Museum

This museum is home to some of the best handicrafts that you can gift to someone really special as a token of appreciation and love. Postcards, music CDs, jewelry, cloth material, perfumes and much more can be found here.

6. Temple of Chamunda Mataji

This temple is huge and peaceful as it gives out positive energy. The statue brought here came from Mandore by King Rao Jodha. It is well respected and cherished by all tourists who visit here. The temple is a must-visit destination in Rajasthan.

7. The Chokelao Mehran

This magnificent terrace was transformed into a restaurant that offers delicious Rajasthani food with a rich ambiance and an amazing view. You can check out the views of the great fort from one end and get a fantastic view of the city from the other end. 

How to Reach Mehrangarh Fort Rajasthan 

The Fort is approximately 582, 975, 1,887, and 1963 km away from the major cities of Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, and Bengaluru. Here’s how you can reach here. 

By Air

In order to arrive here, you will have to reach the nearest airport which is Jodhpur airport. This airport is well connected to all major metropolitan cities and is easy to access. There are also several trains that will help you reach such as the luxurious palace on-wheel train. This train is well connected to all the cities of Rajasthan. 

  • The closest airport to Mehrangarh fort is the Jodhpur Airport which is around 8.5 km away. 
  • Flights departing from Jodhpur to Mumbai are available starting from INR 3944.
  • Jodhpur to Hyderabad flights is available starting from INR 4994 onwards.
  • Flights departing from Jodhpur to Delhi are available from INR 3418 onwards.

By Train

Jodhpur Junction Railway Station is the nearest railway station to the Fort. It is well-connected to the major cities of India. After you deboard at this station, you will have to cover a further distance of 6.9km to reach Mehrangarh Fort. For this, you would need to travel via public transport. 

By Road

Jaipur Bus Stand is the closest bus station. Alternatively, the Mehrangarh Fort bus stop is a local bus stop functioning with minimum capacity. 

  • By car starting from Jaipur to Mehrangarh Fort, the distance is 336 km and is approximately 7 hours away by road. 
  • Starting from Ahmedabad to Mehrangarh Fort, the distance is 453 km and is approximately 9 hours away by road. 
  • Starting from Vadodara to Mehrangarh Fort, the distance is 562 km and is approximately 10 hours away by road. 

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