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Situated on one of the mountains of the Aravalli Range, Jaigarh Fort is a landmark structure in Jaipur. The strategically designed Jaigarh Fort was fundamentally built to protect the Amer Fort from any attack. An interesting fact about the hill on which this magnificent fort resides is known as Cheel ka Teela (Eagle’s Hill). Jaigarh Fort is also home to the largest cannon on wheels, the 'Jaivana Cannon’. Jaigarh Fort is popular for numerous reasons and the two most prominent are its mesmerizing architecture, which is a fusion of Rajputana and Mughal style, and for being the hub of artillery during the Mughal era. 

The winter season is the best time to visit Jaigarh Fort, specifically from November to February. The temperature during this time is cold but pleasant to explore the fort during day time when the sun is out and shining!     

History of Jaigarh Fort 

The fort was built in 1726 by Sawai Jai Singh II to enhance the security of Amer Fort. Locals call this fort the Fort of Victory as it never got captured and is still standing tall and proud. Jaigarh Fort was named after Raja Jai Singh II and reflects the power and prosperity of its time. This hilltop fort is protected by thick red sandstone walls and features a watchtower, a garden, an underground passage (that connects to Amer fort and served as an escape route for the royal family at the time of war), cannon foundry, and temples like Aram mandir, Laxmi Vilas, Vilas Mandir, and Lalit Mandir on its premises.       

Jaigarh Fort architecture is another fascinating feature that attracts history buffs, architecture lovers, and photographers from across the globe. The fort is spread in an area of 3 km in length and 1km in width and has finely carved walls and gates. Due to the presence of iron ore mines around the fort, it developed as the center for manufacturing efficient cannons and artillery. Historians claim that for Mughal rulers, the fort served as the cannon foundry. It is believed that the fort was under the Mughal rule until Dara Shikoh was defeated by Aurangzeb.   

Major Attractions In Jaigarh Fort

1. Armory

Armory Chamber is where all the real action stuff is displayed. From guns, shields, swords, cannonballs, bombs, to other weapons belonging to that period are kept here. Locals also call this chamber Vijay Garh.  

2. Museum

The fort has a museum on its premises where artifacts, from the bygone era, are displayed. From photographs, documents, weapons, and many other things that are a symbol of the Rajput power and prosperity have been preserved in the museum.  

3. Jaivana Cannon

A major attraction in the fort is the Jaivana Cannon. The barrel weighs nearly 50 tonnes, and the cannon is 20 feet in length with a diameter of 11 inches. The attack range of this cannon is 10km with a ball of 50kg. A two-wheel mechanism was made to mount the cannon along with a pin bearing that helps it move 360 degrees. Its dimensions and capability are not the only impressive features about this cannon, the carvings done on the barrel too are worth admiring. The barrel features carvings of elephants, ducks, trees, and birds.    

Places to Visit Near Jaigarh Fort 

1. Amer Fort

Amer Fort is the finest architectural specimen with huge gates, courtyards, and temples. From the fort, one can enjoy the mystical view of the entire Jaipur and Maota Lake. The walls of the fort have been intricately carved and depict the fundamental features of both Rajputana and Mughal architecture.  

2. Shila Devi Temple

Shila Devi temple is the temple of the royal family. In the local language, the deity in the temple is the Kuldevi of the royal family. According to the history books, Raja Man Singh established this temple in the 16th century inside the premises of the Amer fort.  

How to Reach Jaigarh Fort in Rajasthan

Jaigarh Fort is among the top tourist places in Jaipur, Rajasthan. To reach Jaigarh Fort, you have to cover nearly 264km via NH 48, 1100km via NH 48, 1500km via AH 1, and 1900km via NH 52 from Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, and Bengaluru, respectively. The fort is well-connected through roadways, railways, and airways, and listed below is a compilation of the best routes that you may consider. 

By Air. Jaipur International Airport is where you must deboard the reach the fort. After deboarding the flight and collecting the luggage, you can hire a taxi or get on a local bus to reach Jaigarh Fort, which is nearly 22km away. Flights from across the country arrive at Jaipur Airport, hence you may plan an air journey if comfort is your priority and budget is not a constraint. 

  • From Delhi - Board non-stop IndiGo or AirIndia flight from Delhi. The airfare starts from INR 2300
  • From Mumbai - Board direct AirAsia or GoAir flight from Mumbai. The airfare starts from INR 4500
  • From Kolkata - Board a non-stop IndiGo flight from Kolkata. The airfare starts from INR 5500
  • From Bengaluru - Board direct AirIndia flight from Bengaluru. The airfare starts from INR 6000

By Rail. Jaipur Junction railway station is the nearest to the fort. Super-fast and Express trains from all parts of the country arrive here, hence you may plan a rail journey without worrying about the availability of trains. From the railway station, you can get on a bus or book a cab to reach the fort, which is 15 km away. 

  • From Delhi - Board RAJST SKRAT SPL or RJSTHN S KRN SPL from Delhi S Rohilla station 
  • From Mumbai - Board MMCT JP SPL from Mumbai Central and deboard at Jaipur Station 
  • From Kolkata - Board HWH JU SPL from Howrah Junction and deboard at Jaipur Station 
  • From Bengaluru - Board MYS JP EXP from KSR Bengaluru and deboard at Jaipur Station

By Road. If Bollywood style road trips have always fascinated you, then it’s time to get behind the wheels and head towards the royal state Rajasthan. You can also arrive here via tourist buses that run at regular intervals from the nearby states and cities. Road trips will also give you the opportunity to experience the countryside lifestyle and the scenic vistas alongside.  

  • From Sawai Madhopur - 188km via NH 552 
  • From Gwalior - 340km via NH 21
  • From Kota - 263km via NH 52
  • From Ajmer - 146km via NH 48
  • From Indore - 580km via NH 52
  • From Jodhpur - 365km via NH 48 

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