Kalbelia is not just a dance form but also something that relates to the dignity and honor of Rajasthan and the whole Kalbelia community. It is a highly dignified and cherished form of art in Rajasthan and is recognized by UNESCO as well, which again describes how valuable this folk dance really is.

It is celebrated enthusiastically by the people of Rajasthan. Though the dance festival is celebrated in Pushkar, Bikaner, Barmer, Jaisalmer, Jodhpur, and Jaipur, the most extravagant and vibrant celebration is organized in Jaipur and is enjoyed with a lot of zest. This dance form is shown in many parts of India on different occasions and is performed by both men and women alike.

History of Kalbelia Dance Festival

It is said that the Kalbelia people used to move from one place to another quite frequently. And their main occupation was to capture snakes and deal in their venom. The history of these people can be traced back to a yogi who was also the 12th disciple of Guru Gorakhnath. A great number of these people can be found in the Pali district along with Ajmer, Chittorgarh, and Udaipur district.   

This festival has been a very vital part of the Kalbelia culture. In fact, the Kalbelia songs and dances have been an integral part of Rajasthan and also are a part of UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage in India. This festival is mainly celebrated by the Kalbelia community which is one of the nomadic tribes of Rajasthan. It is said that earlier the tribal men from the Kalbelia community used to carry snakes from one house to another in their baskets. The women of the community would also accompany them and would dance and sing to earn their livelihood. 

Major Attractions of Kalbelia Dance Festival 2023

Kalbelia Dance Festival is one of the cultural festivals of Rajasthan. Here are the major attractions of this festival.

Seeing the beautiful Rajasthani women performing the folk dance with the men and accompanying them with the musical instruments - Pungi, Morchang, Khuralio, as well as dholak to create the musical aura is that uplifts one's mood. 

Out of these instruments, Pungi is quite popular and can be easily spotted with snake charmers. As the name of this festival suggests, dancing is one of the most integral parts of the Kalbelia culture. The performers are generally tattooed with traditional designs. Apart from this, they also carry jewelry and garments which are stitched with tiny mirrors and a silver thread. It is interesting to see how when the performances progress, the rhythm of the festival ends up being much faster and matching the rhythm the dancers also make their movements agile and swift.

During this festival, the locals also perform some acts of acrobats which make the whole show quite interesting. Furthermore, this also showcases the flexibility and talent of these people. It is said that the black attire which the women wear is in connection with the snakes.  

Famous Food and Clothing of Rajasthan

Known as the ‘Land of Kings’ Rajasthan is quite an amazing place to explore. Some of the most amazing food in Rajasthan are Ghewar, Laal Maas, Dal Baati Churma, and Churma Laddu. Coming on to the clothing, the people of Rajasthan generally prefer wearing traditional dresses. The women go with Ghagra, Laharia, Bandhej, Kanchi, Chori, and Kurti whereas the men wear Kurta and Pyjama or Dhoti. 

How to Reach Kalbelia Dance Festival 2023

Jaipur is one state that can be acclaimed for preserving and celebrating its heritage in a very vibrant manner and simultaneously leading its way towards digitalization and modern living. The pink city gets flocked by tourists from all over the country and abroad who come here to witness its rustic yet elegant charm that is evident in its historical structures, culture, cuisine, and hospitality. 

Owing to its great transportation network you can reach Jaipur conveniently by airways, roadways, and railways. Jaipur is roughly 280km (via NH 28), 1100km (via NH 48), 1500km (via NH 19), and 2000km (via NH 44) away from Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, and Bengaluru respectively. If you are planning a trip to Jaipur then go through the following convenient travel options.

By Air

There are regular and frequent flights from all the major airports and metro cities to Jaipur. Listed below are the airlines that offer direct flights to Jaipur from the metro and nearby prominent cities with the minimum fare for one-way travel.

  • Delhi - Air Asia, AirIndia, IndiGo with one-way travel fare starting from Rs.1300 
  • Mumbai - GoAir, SpiceJet, AirIndia with one-way fare starting from Rs.3400
  • Kolkata - IndiGo, GoAir with one-way fare starting from Rs.6000
  • Bengaluru - IndiGo, AirAsia, and GoAir with one-way fare starting from Rs. 4500

From Udaipur, you can pick SpiceJet and Air India for their direct flights to Jaipur. In case you are arriving from Jaisalmer then you can travel by SpiceJet.

By Road

Traveling to Rajasthan by road is actually quite a fun experience. Sindhi Camp Bus Terminal is the inter-state bus station in Jaipur where tourist buses from nearby cities and states arrive. The bus fare for a one-way trip to the pink city from Delhi starts from Rs.220, from Jaisalmer Rs.500, from Bikaner Rs.300, and from Jodhpur Rs.280. The fare may go up to Rs.1500 and above in case you plan to travel by luxury buses that come loaded with amenities.

You can also drive to the city from neighboring states or from within the state. Listed below are the best travel routes and the distance estimate to reach Jaipur.

By Train

Jaipur Junction Railway Station is where you can get down to explore the pink city and its cultural festivals. You can reserve seats in direct trains like Mandor Express, Ashram Express, or Ranikhet Express on arriving from Delhi, Amrapur Aravali or Dee Garibrath from Mumbai, and Pratap Express or SDAH Ajmer Express from Kolkata.

Direct trains like Leelan Express, or Runicha Express can be considered for a journey from Jaisalmer. Similarly, you can travel by SGNR Kota Super Fast, or BKN HWH Super Fast from Bikaner, and Dayodaya Express, or Jaipur Passenger from Ajmer.

You can plan your trip and create your own route to the city with Adotrip’s technically driven circuit planner. Click here.

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