One of the vibrant fairs of Rajasthan, the grand Kaila Devi Fair displays cultural diversity and religious beliefs that are persistent in the state. Marked by various rituals, religious dance and music performances, the fair is celebrated with great fervor to honour Goddess Kaila Devi who is believed to be the guardian deity of Yadavas, Khinchis and the princess of Karauli. It is a much awaited fair that holds immense significance for devotees who visit Kaila Devi temple in large numbers from various cities of Rajasthan as well as neighbouring states. Apart from paying homage to the Goddess who is an incarnation of both Mahalakshmi and Chamunda, one can also witness the kaleidoscopic view of unique cultural heritage which is an attraction for many travel enthusiasts.

Date & Venue of Kaila Devi Fair 

The fair is organised every year for fifteen days in the month of Chaitra that usually falls between April or May. The celebration of Kaila Devi Fair takes place at the famous Kaila Devi Temple that lies on the banks of Kalisil river that flows in Karauli district of Rajasthan. This place in Rajasthan sees a heavy influx of pilgrims and tourists during this time of the year when the massive fair is hosted. 

History of Kaila Devi Fair

One of the most revered fairs of Rajasthan, Kaila Devi Fair is held at the temple of Kaila Devi that was constructed by Maharaja Gopal Singh to honour the Goddess. The presiding Goddess of the temple is believed to be Mahamaya who took birth as a child to Nanda and Yashoda and was replaced by Lord Krishna whom Kansa wanted to kill. The construction of this beautiful marble temple in Karauli began in 1723 and was completed by 1730. 

According to a legend, the statue of Goddess Kaila Devi was carried by a sage who was fleeing from Nagarkot in order to protect it from a demon. At that time, Kaila Devi herself appeared in front of the sage and assured him that she would protect the people of that area by killing the demon. Surprisingly, a mark of demon feet can be seen even today on a stone in Davanadah. Finally, by divine ordinance, the statue was established at that very place by the sage where the Kaila Devi Temple now stands in Karauli. 

Top Attractions of Kaila Devi Fair

This popular fair in Rajasthan offers an incredible opportunity to the travelers to delve in the cultural and religious diversity of the place. Take a look at the top attractions of the fair that draws a large number of visitors from different parts of the country.

1. Kaila Devi Temple

The major highlight of Kaila Devi Fair is paying homage at this beautiful Kaila Devi temple that has a large courtyard with a checked flooring. The statues of Kaila Devi and Chamunda Devi sitting together under golden umbrella look spectacular as they are dressed in beautiful attires and jewelry during the time of Mela. Also, the red flags placed by devotees in the temple draw a vivid picture of unique rituals practised during the festivals. 

2. Kanak Dandoti

Kanak Dandoti is a unique ritual observed at the time of the fair wherein devotees cover a distance of 15-20 kms to the temple by lying flat on the ground, marking the distance, getting up and repeating the same until they reach the temple premises. This act depicts their devotion towards the Goddess who fulfills their wishes in return. 

3. Dance and Music Performances

Various religious songs are sung by devotees during the fair which attracts the travelers. Also, dance performances on religious songs and bhajans are one of the major highlights of the fair as the entire village reverberates in the spirit of festivity and spiritual vibes. 

4. Shopping Local Handicrafts

The fair gives an opportunity to craftsmen of the region to display their handcrafted materials. You can find many stalls and an array of beautiful trinkets that you can partake from this lively village of Rajasthan. 

5. Taking a Holy Dip

Taking a holy dip in Kalisil river near the temple is one of the prominent things to do while attending the fair as. A large number of devotees follow the suit with a belief that this will ward off the negativity from life and bring them good health and prosperity. 

Places to Visit in Karauli

Other than the temple and fair, you can visit popular sight-seeing places in Karauli that are mentioned below. Check out!

1. City Palace

The former residence of the Yaduvanshi rulers, this magnificent palace close to Karauli is a must visit heritage site that boasts exquisite architecture. The City Palace is located in the heart of the city that is known for its historical charm. 

2. Madan Mohan Ji Temple

Madan Mohan ji temple is a popular pilgrimage site located in the City Palace complex. One of the major attractions is the evening aarti ceremony performed at the temple with elaborate rituals and devotion. 

3. Shri Mahavirji Ji Temple

One of the famous pilgrimage sites of Jainism, Shri Mahavir Ji Temple is a must visit place near Karauli that is a paradise for spiritual seekers. The idol of Lord Mahaveer was excavated about 200 years ago after which the temple was established at the same place. 

4. Timangarh Fort

A famous historical fort close to Karauli, Timangarh Fort is a must visit place for history buffs. This magnificent fort is located in Masalpur district near the Hindaun block which lies at a distance of 42 km from Karauli.

5. Keladevi Wildlife Sanctuary

Falling within the buffer zone of Ranthambore Tiger Reserve, Keladevi Wildlife Sanctuary is one of the prominent attractions for wildlife enthusiasts and adventure seekers. 

How to Reach Karauli, Rajasthan

Karauli in Rajasthan is accessible through road, air and railways. Here are the best ways to reach Karauli through various modes of transportation. 

  • Nearest Metropolitan City. Delhi

  • Nearest Major City. Jaipur

  • Nearest Airbase. Jaipur Sanganer Airport

  • Nearest Railhead. Gangapur City Junction

  • Distance from Jaipur. 178.2 km via NH23

By Air

The nearest airport to Karauli is Jaipur Sanganer Airport that receives flights from major cities like Gwalior, New Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata, Bangalore, Hyderabad. After deboarding, you can opt for a public bus or a taxi according to your budget.

  • Distance from Jaipur Airport. 170 km

By Train

Passengers travelling from Delhi and Jaipur usually take a  train for Gangapur City junction as it is the closest station to Karauli. This station is also well connected to other cities of India. There is another railway station in Hindaun city that is again a good choice to travel to Karauli by train. After deboarding, you can take a private bus or a cab for onward journey to Karauli where Kaila Devi Fair takes place.

  • Distance from Hindaun City. 32 km via SH22

  • Distance from Gangapur City Junction. 31.6 km via NH23

By Road

Karauli is well connected by road network to all the cities of Rajasthan and also India. You can book private and government buses that ply to and fro Karauli on regular intervals. Travelers can also consider hiring a taxi or traveling by their own vehicle depending on their budget and mood.

  • Distance from Agra. 114 km

  • Distance from Dausa. 117 km

  • Distance from Alwar. 156 km

  • Distance from Kota. 242 km

  • Distance from Delhi. 293 km 

  • Distance from Mumbai. 1,190 km 

  • Distance from Kolkata. 1,450 km 

  • Distance from Bengaluru. 1982 km

FAQs Related to Kaila Devi Festival

Q. What is so special about the Kaila Devi Fair?

Kaila Devi Fair is one of the most popular pilgrimages in Rajasthan that is attended by a large number of devotees who perform rituals like Kanak Dandoti which is regarded as the most difficult journey to pay homage to any temple. This is a special feature that depicts the religious beliefs of the region.

Q. What is the best time to attend the Kaila Devi Fair?

If you wish to attend this vibrant festival then you can consider the days between April to May when the fair is organised.  

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