The cities and towns in Rajasthan are known for their magnificent forts, palaces, havelis, parks, gardens, etc. Apart from that, the state is also renowned for its spectacular fairs and festivals that showcases the undying spirit of Rajasthanis. Nagaur, a beautiful city is located between Bikaner and Jodhpur. The destination is popular for its second largest cattle fair in India. It is also known as Ramdeoji Cattle Fair. One can have a fair idea of its popularity as every year more than 75,000 camels, bullocks, horses are traded here. Thus, apart from the tourists, Nagaur is one of the favourite trading places for the local traders as well. Since Nagaur falls in the desert region of Rajasthan, people are largely dependent on livestock and animal husbandry occupations rather than agriculture.  

Best Time to Visit Nagaur Cattle Fair

More than a fair, it seems to be like a cultural event that takes place annually for locals and tourists alike. Every year, the fair takes place between January and February for a period of (approx) 4-10 days. It is the best time to visit this place to enjoy how traders earnestly haggle over prices when trading animals, witness the cultural extravaganza, and admire the visual treat in the form of thousands of beautifully decorated animals, ready to be bought or sold. 

History of Nagaur Festival

Nagaur is a beautiful, ancient town located close to Bikaner and Jodhpur. The town lis located close to ancient trading routes. The land here is largely infertile due to proximity to the famous Thar Desert, hence people are dependent on livestock for their livelihood. Buying and selling of cattle is quite common in Nagaur but it took the form of Nagaur Cattle fair approximately 56 years ago when the Sufi Saint Ramdeoji was invited by the King Umed Singh to demonstrate his powers. Locals gathered to watch him and after witnessing his powers, they insisted the saint stay back in Nagaur. The Fair also started at the same time and as in most fairs in Rajasthan, the trading of cattle also began in earnest in Nagaur Cattle Fair. 

Major Attractions Of Nagaur Cattle Fair

Nagaur Cattle Fair is renowned for the trading of excellent breeds of camels, buffaloes, cows, goats, etc. Here, we bring you some major highlights of this fair. 

1. The Negotiations

Every day of the fair begins with sellers and traders showing off their decorated cattle to each other and deciding a mutual agreeable price. The buyers walk from one shed to another to choose the best out of the lot. As the sun sets, the cultural programs begin in which locals and tourists take part with great enthusiasm. 

2. Cultural Programs and Folk Music

These cultural programs in the Nagaur Cattle Fair include bullock races, cockfights, tug-of-war and musical performances by local folk artists, and much more. 

3. Mirchi Bazaar

This is perhaps one of the most significant attractions of the Cattle Fair. Considered as the largest chili market in all of Asia, it attracts a lot of tourists as well as locals from all across the world and India, especially during the ongoing days of the cattle fair. 

4. Animal Decorations and Contests

With the onset of the cattle fair, one can witness a variety of animal decoration contests, turban tying contests, gymnastic hunts as well as handicraft exhibitions on the fairground. You can shop for items like leather accessories, wooden items, iron-crafts, and several other things as souvenirs. 

Places to Visit When Attending Nagaur Cattle Fair

Nagaur Fort

Nagaur Fort is a magnificent fort, holding its ancient charm. The fort shows the vestiges of ancient wars fought on this historical land. Its architectural style is very different from other forts in Rajasthan. It is built on plains and fortified with tall bastions. Nagvansh are believed to have built this fort in the 4th Century. There are a lot of palaces in the fort known for its unique intricate carvings. The marvellous beauty of the palace is worth exploring. 

Tarkeen Dargah

It is one of the most famous mosques in the area. It is located within the premises of Nagaur Fort. This highly revered Dargah was built in the memory of Khwaja Hamiduddin Nagauri. It is a place worth exploring and visiting. 

Amar Singh’s Cenotaph

This cenotaph was built in the honour of famous Rajput folk Idol, Amar Singh Ji. Its major attraction is its lovely, yellow-coloured sandstone exterior that shines when sun rays fall on it. Beautifully-carved, intricate floral designs look stunning. There are several other monuments close to the cenotaph that were built in memory of his loving queens. 

Jain Glass Temple

It is a stunningly beautiful temple, known for its mesmerising glass statue within the temple premises. Its incredible architectural style will leave you spellbound with its sheer beauty. Ancient Jain Holy scriptures can be seen here. The temple has amazing statues of Jain tirthankaras.

Akbari Mahal

This beautiful palace was built in 1556 in the memory of the event of Mughals reconquering Nagaur City from the Governor of Ajmer. The palace displays an eclectic blend of Rajputi and Mughal architectural styles. Embellished mirror and glass work in the palace add to its beauty and magnificence.  

Deepak Mahal

The famous Deepak Mahal is also located within the Nagaur Fort premises and looks awe-inspiring in its subtle beauty. Its ornamented walls and unique flower-patterned designs make it look stunning. When visiting Nagaur, make it a point to visit this ancient palace and admire its beauty. 

How To Reach

To reach Jodhpur in Rajasthan you will need to cover a total distance of about 622, 970, 1,888, and 1,939 km from Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, and Bengaluru respectively. Here is how you can consider traveling to Jodhpur. 

Nearest Metropolitan City. Delhi
Nearest Airport from Nagaur. Jodhpur Airport
Nearest Railway Station. Jodhpur Junction 
Distance from Jodhpur. 130 km
Distance from Delhi. 436.8 km

By Air

Deboard at the Jodhpur Airport (JDH) situated 130 km away from Nagaur. The airport is fairly well-connected with other Indian cities via direct and connecting flights. From the airport, you can consider booking a taxi to reach your destination. 

Distance from Jodhpur Airport (JDH). 130 km

By Train

Deboard at Jodhpur Junction (JU) situated 130 km away. The railway station connects Jodhpur with other Indian cities and towns via trains running at a good frequency. From the station, you can easily take a cab or some other means of transportation. 

Distance from Jodhpur Junction. 130 km  

By Road

Jodhpur is well-connected with other Indian cities by roadways and national highways. For traveling to Jodhpur via road, you can easily book state-run/private buses or book a taxi. Otherwise, you can also take your own vehicle to reach here.  

Distance from Bikaner. 122 km via Bikaner-Barmer Road
Distance from Jaipur. 234.7 km via RJ SH 2
Distance from Kota. 357 km via Ajmer-Kota Road
Distance from Ahmedabad. 585 km via NH62

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