Rann of Kutch is no less than a magical place to visit mainly due to the surreal landscapes which one can witness here. It is a perfect blend between the Arabian Sea and the Thar Desert which makes it even more attractive not just to the eyes but the soul itself. 

And if you really want to see this magic unfurling before your eyes then you must visit here especially during nighttime, as nothing touches the beauty of this enormous desert under the ravishing full moon sky. It is during the night time when the great Rann of Kutch can be experienced in its impeccable beauty. What essentially comes across as cherry on the top of the cake are the programs held here during nighttime. 

Being a popular tourist destination of Gujarat, Rann of Kutch is a great place to know the existential magnificence of nature. Here, you can take part in a variety of activities such as bird watching, enjoying the scrumptious delicacies, and last but not the least, actively taking part in festivals like Rann Utsav. 

The best time to visit Gujarat or Rann of Kutch is during winters for two reasons. One that winters are extremely pleasing, and the weather is beautiful as compared to that of summer. Secondly, the most popular festival Rann Utsav starts in November and continues till February. Thus, it is a great time for you to plan your trip in this season.

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History of Rann of Kutch

It was the time 1965 when a dispute broke out over the Indian and Pakistan border. This happened towards the western end of the Rann of Kutch. In April, some incidents of physical fights were also noted. During that time, Great Britain had to intervene to put an end to it. And as the result of this dispute, 10 percent border was given to Pakistan whereas 90 percent of the geographical area came under the Indian provision.

Places To Visit In Rann of Kutch

Rann of Kutch is a must-visit destination. Famous among tourists and locals, It is one of the best tourist places in Gujarat. Here's the list of places to visit and things to do in Rann of Kutch.

1. Kalo Dungar

Also known as the black hills, Kalo Dungar is the highest point of Kutch from where one can enjoy the spectacular views of nature. Due to its height, you feel that you are in some other part of the world which is completely opposite to the urban scenery. 

2. Mandvi Beach

It is quite a pristine seashore where you can hope to find some alone time for yourself. This beach, unlike many beaches in India, is very clean and the smooth fine sand here somewhat feels very inviting. Playing volleyball and indulging in other similar fun activities will simply cheer you up.  

3. Kutch Museum

Founded in the year 1877 by Maharao Khengarji, this place has the largest collection of the Kashtarapa inscriptions placed here for tourists and locals. Along with this, you can also find some really cool artifacts, folk arts and crafts collections with loads of historical data. For any history buff, this is a good opportunity to learn about the culture of the past. 

4. Dholavira

One of the most remarkable places in Gujarat is the ancient ruins of Dholavira which were part of the great Indus Valley Civilization. Indus Valley Civilization has been widely considered as one of the highly developed civilizations tracing its roots back to around 4,500 years. 

5. Kutch Bustard Sanctuary

Known as the Lala Prajan Sanctuary, the primary motive of this place is the conservation of the Great Indian Bustard bird. It is truly a delight to witness and experience the fauna and flora of this place.  

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How to Reach Rann of Kutch

Rann of Kutch is basically a salt marsh where you can hope to find nothing but a nice blend of boundless sky and the endless desert. It is quite a great place to explore if you are looking for some thrilling moments. It is located at an overall distance of 1,219, 933, 1,895, 2,440 km from Delhi, Mumbai, Bengaluru, and Kolkata respectively. Here is how you can reach here via the following routes.

By Air

Gujarat has more than 10 airports in total. To name a few would be Surat International Airport, Bhuj Airport, Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel International Airport. But the nearest airport from Rann of Kutch would be the Bhuj Airport. This airport is located at an overall distance of 90-100 km from Rann of Kutch.

Various airlines operate to and fro from Bhuj connecting Indian cities like Delhi, Indore, Bhopal, Jaipur, Jodhpur. As you deboard at the airport, you can cover the remaining distance by booking a cab or taking a bus.

By Train

Kutch doesn’t have its own railway station. Thus your best option to reach here is the railway station located in Bhuj. Compared to other railway stations, we can say that this station is not very busy. After deboarding at the station, you will need to cover the remaining distance by means of some public transportation. Here is the route to reach Bhuj here via train.

  • Delhi - ALA HAZRAT EXP from Old Delhi Railway Junction
  • Jaipur - ALA HAZRAT EXP from Jaipur Junction
  • Ahmedabad - Kutch Express from Ahmedabad JunctionAjmer - ALA HAZRAT EXP from Ajmer Junction

As you deboard at the train station you can take public transportation like a bus to reach Rann of Kutch.

By Road

You can also opt for traveling to Rann of Kutch by road. Here is the route that you can follow to reach this place by road. You can also opt for interstate buses to reach here. 

  • Udaipur - 366 km via NH27
  • Indore - 601 km via NH47
  • Jodhpur - 378 km via NH27 or NH62
  • Surat - 422 km via NH947
  • Bhopal - 745 km via NH47

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