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The festival of flowers aka Phulaich Festival shows the exact culture of Hill state like Himachal Pradesh. The 7-day affair is dedicated to the magnificent Kinnaur Valley that gets flourished in the month of Bhadon or Bhadrapada (August/September). The Kinnaur Valley of Kinnaur District is expended with a variety of flowers that create a majestic and surreal spectacle to woo. Such festival is must-visit festival.

Top attractions in Phulaich Festival

Food Offering Culture- This day local families offer the special dish to their deceased ancestors. Such dishes include rice, wine, and food.

Dhangaspa- After offering the gratitude by serving traditional food, people head to visit the Dhangaspa family house in order to bestow the respect to the members of the family.

How To Reach Phulaich Festival

Air- The nearest airport is Simla Airport at Jubbarhatti to reach Kinnaur District. After reaching the Jubbarhatti, you can hire bus or cab service to reach the Kinnaur district.

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Rail- The nearest railway stations are the Shimla railway Station, Summer Hill Railway Station, Taradevi Railway Station.

Road- The Kinnaur district is well-connected with the roadways. It is easily accessible from Delhi, Chandigarh and some cities of Uttar Pradesh.

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    07 September 2020

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