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Have you visited Bhimakali Temple in Sarahan, yet? If no, then you must give a visit to this grand temple that is revered with several stories. The temple is dedicated to the mother goddess Bhimakali, who is the presiding deity of the rulers of the former Bushahr State. 

The temple is situated on the lap of nature that makes the temple a heavenly place. Besides immense faith, it is the admiration for the Himalayan architecture of the temple that draws tourists in. 

The architecture of the temple is believed to be about 800 years old. It is said that the architecture that is used in Bhimakali Temple cannot be seen anywhere in the hill state. It is a unique mixture of Hindu and Buddhist style architectures. It is also one of the great examples of tower topology construction

Bhimakali Temple History

According to a legend, this temple was built where the ear of the Sati fell. It then became a place of worship as a Pitha - Sthan. Presently in the form of a virgin, the icon of this eternal goddess is consecrated at the top storey of the new building. Below that storey, the goddess as Parvati, the daughter of Himalaya, is enshrined as a divine consort of Shiva.

The temple complex has another three temples dedicated to Lord Shri Raghunathji, Narsinghji, and Patal Bhairva Ji - the guardian deity.

Top Attractions in and around Bhimakali Temple

1. Shri Raghunath Ji Temple

The temple premises also house another beautiful-structured temple of Shri Raghunath Ji. You will love those frilled clusters at the corners. Such a fine work of architecture!

2. Shri Narsingh

When you are visiting the Shri Narsingh temple, you will be absolutely mesmerized by the architecture of the place. The contouring that fills up with sharply cut sculptures is a real masterpiece. Amazing work!

Things to Do in Bhimakali Temple

1. Pooja/Aarti

When you are at Bhimakali Temple, you should not miss the magnificent aarti. When the aarti begins, it creates a divine vibe around the atmosphere. So, whenever you are planning to visit Bhimakali Temple, it is important that you attend the Aartis. There are a total of four aartis that are performed here.

2. Darshan and Offerings

People gather in large numbers to get the darshan of the deity. They also make offerings that include sweets, milk, and coins.

Best Time to Visit Bhimakali Temple

The one-of-a-kind Bhimakali Temple is a year-round-visited temple. But since you also need to enjoy the weather of Himachal Pradesh,  choosing the months of October and November will be a perfect choice.

How to Reach Bhimakali Temple?


The nearest airport is the Shimla Airport to Bhimakali Temple, Bilaspur.


The nearest railway station is Panoh Railway Station. After reaching the station, you can take different local modes of transportation.


Taking bus service from Punjab, Delhi, and Uttar Pradesh is the best decision.

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