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The magnificent Mata Shri Bajreshwari Devi Temple is an ancient treasure of India that holds a bunch of various mythological stories. The temple is dedicated to the goddess Devi Vajreshwari who is considered to be the goddess of lightning. While visiting the temple, you can also see the statue of Devi Vajreshwari in the form of Pindi, situated in the main shrine. This place is perfect for history lovers to quench their thirst of curiosity. Apart from the historical nuances, you will be fascinated with the fine architecture that is designed in the Nagar style.

History and Legends of Mata Shri Bajreshwari Devi Temple

The Pandavas and Maa Durga

According to history, it is believed that the temple was constructed by the Pandavas at the time of Mahabharata. Yes, as the legends go, one day, Goddess Durga appeared in their dream and told them she was in the Nagarkot village and if the Pandavas wanted to receive her grace and protection, then, they should make a temple for her. It is believed that the same night, the Pandavas had erected an enchanting temple. However, in 1905, an earthquake had destroyed the temple. But it was rebuilt soon by the government.

Legend of Lord Shiva

According to the legend, when Goddess Sati sacrificed herself for Lord Shiva during her father's yajna. Lord Shiva took Maa Sati on his shoulders and started doing Tandav; expressing his anger. Thus, in order to stop him from destructing the world, Lord Vishnu had to intervene and divided her body into 51 parts. It is believed that her left chest fell at the spot and from then on, the place is known to as the Shakti Peetha.

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Top Attractions in and Around Mata Shri Bajreshwari Devi Temple

Temple of Bhairava. In the temple premise, you get the fortune to visit the temple of Lord Bhairva; who played a prominent part in various mythological stories of Hinduism.

Nagara/Pagoda Style Architecture. There are several Indian-style architectures you will find across India but the Nagara or Pagoda style architecture holds a special landmark. Here in Kangra, you will see most of the temple is designed in Nagara style architecture.

Ancient sculpture of Maa Durga. The magnificent ancient sculpture of Maa Durga is also situated within the temple premises. It is believed that the sculpture dates back to the 6th century.

Aarti. The morning and evening aarti is one of the significant activities to participate in. If you are visiting the temple, make sure you are not missing the Aarti as it is an important ritual. It is believed that attending Aarti is a healing process.

Devi-Charnamrit. When you are into the beautiful temple, you can take the Charnamrit to sip which is believed to be one of the important rituals and comes with great fortune.

Best Time to Visit Mata Shri Bajreshwari Devi Temple

The timings are from 6 AM-9 PM to visit the temple. Apart from this, the months of May-June are a good time to visit Kangra.

How to Reach Mata Shri Bajreshwari Devi Temple

By Air. The nearest airport is Kangra Airport that is distant with 8-9 Kilometres. So, after landing at the airport, you can hire local modes of transport to reach the temple.

By Rail. The nearest railway station is Kangra Mandir Railway Station. From there, you can take a bus, auto or taxi to get to the place.

By Road. You can also plan to visit the region via road networks. For this, you can take your own vehicle or hire a bus or a cab.

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