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Beautiful Pangi Valley is situated in the Pangi Village of Himachal Pradesh. Holding the immense nature of love, it is naturally adorned with lush greeneries and beautiful mountains. Just a mile away from the Pangi Valley, and you will already start feeling mesmerized with extreme tranquillity and timeless spectacle. Such a place is definitely healing.

The Pangi valley of Chamba district is a serene, quiet area inhabited by tribal folk. The valley is surrounded by white peaked mountain tops and rugged roads, making it fabulous for those who enjoy a good trek and adventure.

Why You Should Visit Pangi Valley

Pangi valley is through and through a god's gift to god! With picturesque scenery and beautiful snow-capped mountains, you get the whole package of beauty and mountain adventures here. And guess what, that's not the whole story! People of Pangi valley have an active theatre and literature scene going on for them.

They have a monthly magazine by the name of Tubari published in their common tongue - Pangwali. They also have a few books published in their common tongue such as Baue Pyar or Father's Love Stories, and some books on Pangwali grammar too. Also, there are many attractions and places to visit in the vicinity. 

Best Time to Visit Pangi Valley

The Pangi Valley in Himachal Pradesh is better explored in the summer months like March-June. But, if you like the snow-filled atmosphere, then go for mid-winter.

Places To Visit In Pangi Valley

Pangi Valley is one of the best places to visit in Himachal Pradesh. Here's the list of things to do and places to visit in Pangi Valley.

1. Killar

Trickles of urbanization can be seen in Killar, which is the administrative headquarters of sorts of the Pangi valley. Located deep in a narrow gauge of the Chenab river, Killar is a little hamlet in the district of Chamba. Dotted with many small shops, the government suggests that it will soon become a small town, and more such shops will open up. 

2. Dharwas

Located very close to Killar and falls on a trekking trail, Dharwas is the largest village found in the Pangi valley. Dharwas is famous for its beautiful natural water spring, which offers minerally rich water. It is believed that the King of Chamba used to drink water from the same spring. Situated at an elevation of 8000 ft above sea level, Dharwas is located 9 km from Killar. 

3. Cherry Bungalow

A rest house located in the Saach village, Cherry Bungalow is situated on the right bank of the Chenab river and the Chandrabhaga. It makes a fantastic pit stop while exploring the valley. 

4. Parmar Valley

Located at an altitude of about 3000 ft above sea level, Parmar Valley is a part of the Pangi Valley. It includes many small villages such as Parmar, Kumar, and Parmar Bhatori. A Buddhist Gompa is located in the Parmar Bhatori village. 

5. Kamru Fort

While gushing on the banks of Dangi Valley, you can also visit the Kamru Fort in your spare time that holds a mysterious past to tell you.

6. Shour

It is a bridge that swings over an icy cold river. Getting on it would surely give you the chills of your lifetime.

7. Mindhal Basan Devi temple

It is a beautiful temple dedicated to the deity Mindhal Devi. Tourists make it a point to definitely go there. 

Things To Do In Pangi Valley

1. Boating

You can enjoy the boat riding and get a view of the nature around Pangi. If you want to have a quick look at the whole spectacle, boat riding is the best option.

2. Jukaru Festival

The whole population of the valley participates in it. It goes on for the entire month of February, celebrating the last of the winter season and also as a thanksgiving to their gods with dance, music, and undoubtedly enriching and unique culture. 

3. Phulaich Festival

Also known as Phulaich, it takes place in October and November, for four days. It celebrates the goddess Kupha, Dehant Nag. It is too celebrated with music, dance, and other such festivities.

4. Bird-Watching

Different migrated birds dwell on the banks of the valley. It will be fascinating to notice such mysterious creatures of nature.

How To Reach Pangi Valley

Pangi Valley is located in the Tehsil of Chamba in the Kangra District of Himachal Pradesh. It is a remote area so reaching here is a little difficult than other famous places in the state. Here’s how you can reach Pangi Valley - 

  • Nearest metropolitan city - Delhi
  • Nearest airbase - Kangra Airport
  • Nearest railhead - Kangra Railway Station
  • Distance from Delhi - 580 Kms

By Air - The nearest airbase to the Pangi Valley is Kangra Airport. After deboarding at the airport, you can see a hub of buses that are aligned to proceed towards the Pangi Valley in Chamba. 

  • Distance from Kangra Airport - 111 Kms

By Train - The nearest railhead to Pangi Valley is Kangra Mandir Railway Station. After deboarding at the railway station, you can easily get a bus or a taxi to reach the desired location. 

  • Distance from Kangra Mandir Railway Station - 141 Kms

By Road - You can consider traveling to Pangi Valley via your own vehicle or reach Chamba via state-run or private buses. 

  • Distance from Shimla - 341 Kms

Frequently Asked Questions About Pangi Valley

Q1. What is the altitude of Pangi Valley?

Ans - Pangi Valley is situated at an altitude of 8000 feet above sea level. 

Q2. In which district is Pangi?

Ans - Pangi is situated in Chamba Tehsil of the Kangra District of Himachal Pradesh

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