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Surrounded by lush forests and huge mountains, the Karsog Valley is one of the popular valleys in Shimla. The Karsog Valley is situated near the Karsog village in Shimla. While hauling around the valley, you will encounter different nature vibes that are thrilling. While the high mountain ranges are enough to woo you, landscapes are a great eye-delights. While it’s also peppered with temples that all link their histories back to the Mahabharata, the valley’s beauty lies in its pristine nature which has not been disturbed by rampant tourism.

History of Karsog Valley

The story of Karsog is as old as time. The name itself comes from the words ‘Kar’ and ‘Shok’ meaning ‘daily mourning’. The myth from the Mahabharata goes that the village was terrorized by a rakshasa who ate a villager every day causing daily mourning. But during the exile of the Pandavas, Bhima saved the village from the rakshasa by offering himself.

Top Attractions in Karsog Valley

1. Mamleshwar Mahadev Temple

While you are neck-deep into the material things of the world, you need to filter your soul and Mamleshwar Mahadev Temple is the place for you. Besides that, you'll also appreciate the architecture.

2. Karsog Valley View Point

Scan the Shimla at one point which is Karsog Valley. When you are at the point, you will notice the utmost beautiful canvas-like scenery that is actually the beauty of Shimla.

Things to Do in Karsog Valley

1. Trekking

Around the Valley, you can enjoy trekking that is organized by the nearest local authority. Tourists hardly give it a miss.

2. Hiking

Another mind-soul rejuvenating activity you can enjoy is hiking around the forests of Karsog Valley. It is very well-organized by the local authority.

3. Temple Hopping

The Karsog Valley has special religious and mythological significance. Every tiny settlement has a temple near it and right from the architecture of the temples to the traditions and rituals, everything is unique. Some of the popular temples in the region are Chandika Devi Temple, Mamleshwar Temple, Mahunag Temple, and Kamaksha Devi Temple.

4. Apple Picking

The Karsog Valley is famous for its fertile lands which grow a wide variety of crops including wheat and corn. But its specialty is the apple orchards which fruit between June and July. It is the perfect season to come with the entire family and indulge in some fun. Many farms here offer apple picking experiences. 

Best Time to Visit Karsog Valley

The beautiful valley looks even better amalgamated with snow and fog during the winter months. So, plan to visit in early winters such as in the months of October and November.

How to Reach Karsog Valley

The closest railway station to Karsog Valley is Shimla Railway Station that is just a few miles away from the Karsog Valley, Mandi. If you have been thinking to plan airways, then the nearest airport will be Shimla Airport or Kullu-Manali Airport.

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