Karva Chauth is a highly celebrated event in India during which married ladies fast and worship the moon for their husbands' long and healthy lives. The celebration is held on the Krishna Paksha Chaturthi in the Hindu month of Kartik. It is observed throughout the country, although it is most popular in northern cities such as Punjab, Rajasthan, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh, and Madhya Pradesh

History of Karwa Chauth Vrat

Karva Chauth is a one-day Hindu celebration during which women do not eat or drink anything from dawn to moonrise, according to ancient scriptures and legendary tales. According to Karwa Chauth History, when Draupadi and her five Pandav husbands journeyed to the Nilgiri mountain, she kept a Vrat (fast). Aside from that, several additional stories are associated with the Karva Chauth Vrat.

According to traditional myth, the event is based on the actual story of a married lady known as Karwa. Karwa's spouse was bathing in a river when a crocodile attacked him. When Karwa saw this, she hurried towards her husband to save him. She was able to save her spouse by tying the crocodile. When Lord Yama arrived, he discovered a wounded crocodile. Her bravery so moved Lord Yama that he blessed her husband with a long and healthy life and banished the crocodile to hell.

The narrative of Queen Veervati is also well-known and is recited during the Karwa Chauth puja. For the event, the queen was at her parents' house. When he saw his sister having an empty stomach for the entire day, he became quite concerned and used a mirror to create a moon above a tree. But, as soon as she broke her fast, she learned of her husband's death and burst into tears. Then a goddess appeared and told her that her brothers had duped her and that if she kept another fast with undivided love, her husband would be alive again. She followed the instructions correctly, and her husband was revived.

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Major Attractions Of Karwa Chauth

This one-day event is fervently celebrated and honoured by married ladies for their husbands' prosperity and longevity. Here are some of the central tenets that demonstrate the

Chauth significance. 

1. Morning

Karva Chauth fasting begins before morning. The married ladies are provided 'Sargi,' a meal prepared by their mother-in-law that she must consume before daybreak and fast until the moon rises that evening. Women wear wedding attire, henna on their hands and feet, jewellery, Mangalsutra, and anything else a bride is entitled to wear.

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2. Afternoon

During the day, married ladies worship Lord Shiva, Goddess Parvati, and their Son Lord Ganesha while listening to popular Karva Chauth folk legends. 

3. Evening 
When the moon emerges, women worship it by offering it 'Aragya' water from a vessel known as Karva. They break their fast after worshipping the moon and consume food, drink, and sweets. 'Bayna' or 'Baya' is a dish holding gifts distributed on Karva Chauth amongst married ladies in the household. Although the event is observed throughout the country's northern regions, it is most significant in Punjab. The 'Sargi' plate in Punjab includes fruits, sweets, dried fruits, coconut, jewellery, garments, and prepared cuisine.

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Frequently Asked Questions Related to Karwa Chauth

Q1. How is Karva Chauth celebrated?
A1. Married women keep fasts for their husbands dressed in vibrant Indian attire all day. 

Q2. What is the story of Karva Chauth?
A2. Karwa is said to have threatened to curse Yama and destroy him. Yama was cursed by pati-vrat, banished the crocodile to hell, and bestowed a long life on Karwa's spouse.

Q3. What if the moon is not visible on Karva Chauth?
A3. If the moon is not visible on Karwa Chauth, the women can break their fasts and worship Goddess Lakshmi in the moon's direction.

Q4. Which state is famous for Karwa Chauth?
A4. Punjab is well-known for Karwa Chauth, with festivities soaked in joy,  vibrant attire and deep beliefs. 


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