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Also popular as the Rural Olympics, this event is held on an annual basis in Kila Raipur which is located in Punjab, India. During this event, various competitions are held for Punjabi rural sports inclusive of cart-race, athletic events along with rope pulling.  

Held in February every year, many people come to see this event just for the sake of witnessing some special breed of bullocks, camels, dogs and many other animals. 

The people who participate in this event come from different countries that age between teenagers to even elderly people. Yes, one can see many old people also participating in this event. And perhaps, this is what is the cause for fascination for many who come to experience Kila Raipur Sports Festival.

Major Attractions of Kila Raipur Sports Festival

You will see some different types of races such as bullock carts or animal races, kabaddi and cock-fighting which are all energetic and fun-filled activities. Not to forget that Bhangra and Gidda cannot be left no matter what the occasion is. So, no more puzzling yourself, just be a part of this amazing National Fair in Kila Raipur in the month of February.

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Kabbadi. One of the major attractions for sports lovers, Kabbadi remains the essence of this event. What’s really interesting is that players from different countries come to participate in this event. And owing to its popularity, this sport has also made its place in Asian Games as well. 

Akharas. These are the places where local villagers learn to do Kushti that is a local form of wrestling. Due to its connection with desi mitti, wrestling is an indelible part of this sports festival. 

Kite Flying. This is yet another interesting part of the Kila Raipur Festival. The adrenaline rush and the thrill which can be observed on the faces of competitors describes it all.  

How to Reach

By Air. Ludhiana Airport (LUH), also known as the Sahnewal Airport is the nearby airport from the village of Kila Raipur situated at a distance of 20-25 km. This airport serves Ludhiana and its nearby regions. For covering this distance, you can take a cab or some other means of transportation to reach your destination from the airport.

By Road. Ludhiana has been very well connected with other cities by its well-maintained road networks. From Delhi, Amritsar, Mumbai, Bangalore you will need to cover a distance of 307 km, 141 km, 1,725 km, 2,485 km respectively. 

By Train. Ludhiana is connected via regular train networks from cities like Delhi, Chandigarh, Pune, Pathankot. And one of the best options to visit Ludhiana via train would be to deboard at the Ludhiana junction. From this station, you will need to cover a distance of about 20-25 km to reach your destination. Regarding this, you can easily take a cab.

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  • 2 Days

  • Sports

  • Punjab
  • Event date

    01 February 2020 - 03 February 2020

  • Venue

    Kila Raipur

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